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PRT axis

ECG values or numbers unsure of what they mean. The PRT axis numbers were 66-18-44. What is PRT axis? ECG said abnormal and a mention of twaves. Any response of what this means would be helpful! Thanks
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what it means if my p-r-t axes is 78 66 51
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*PRT axis 66-18-44  means that your QRS interval is in the proper axis (no deviation into an improper axis). You have 3 axis measurenents, 66,18 and 44. All are within the proper range which is -30 to +90. It is vector analysis and involves the leads (attached to chest)  The axis is determined by which direction the electrical signals generated by your heart are travelling toward the leads of the EKG.  There is a axis or direction in 3 dimensions to your atrial contraction, ventricular contraction and ventricular repolarization( ventricle relax).  This is giving the axis to each component.

T wave abnormalities can provide added evidence to support clinical diagnosis. Except for hyperkalemia (low potassium level), T wave abnormality alone is not diagnostic of any particular condition. The T wave must be considered along with other wave forms (QRS and ST) segment abnormalities. Then T waves will usually be abnormal in ventricular hypertrophy, left bundle branch block, chronic pericarditis, and in electrolyte abnormality.

Abnormal T waves can be seen in some people as a variant of the normal that is just not the most common form. On some occasions, T waves can be abnormal because of increased thickness of the heart muscle that can occur in athletes, or prolonged high blood pressure, or problems of the heart muscle. At times, medications or other illnesses can cause T wave abnormalities....needs to be correlated to clinical info.
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