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Hello and Thank you for answering my question.  First I'll give you my history.  I had SVT for 13 yrs and had an ablation done in 2000.  Approx one yr before my ablation  I started to feel flutting or skipped beats.  After my ablation i have not had one svt moment since but still feel skipped beats.  They seem to come on sometimes in my swimming pool, or when i take a deep breath.  Anyway i had an all day episodes of these and went to my Doctor  not my EP Doctor.  I wore a halter which showed  in an 18 hour period i had 15 pvc and 560  pac.   Although iam greatful  that they finally caught them on tape, i was wondering if i should be concerned about them.  They have really stole my life away from me.  They make me very scared  even though my doc says they are not harmful but annoying.  He talked about  Beta blockers  but i am very scared to go on any meds.  Is they amout of pvc  and pac  enough to go on meds ?  Are there any long term adverse side effects of beta blocker?  I seem like i cant just ignore them like i wish i could.  I guess i really dont believe that they are not harmful and need constant reasurance.  I stay away from caffene and alcohol.  Iam scared to exercise due to the fact that i hate when my heart gets elevated.  I dont know if   beta blockers is the answer to my fears or not.  What do you think?  Thank you so much for you time.  Have a nice day.
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Thanks for the post.

I have talked with enough patients who have similiar concerns and symptoms, that I can empathize with your problem.  One of our readers said it best when she stated that "slamming her finger in her card door each day wouldn't kill her either, but she sure wouldn't want to do it", obviously meaning that just because something doesn't kill us doesn't mean that it doesn't cause severe symptoms.

You have a decision to make.  It is your decision alone, and none of us can make it for you.  You need to decide if you are going to let these palpitations run (or ruin) your life.  Your doctors, the readers, and I can empathize with you, offer suggestions for palliative treatment, and listen to your concerns, but at the end of the day, you decide whether or not these symptoms dictate what you can or cannot do.

Beta-blockers are helpful for the majority, but they can lead to fatigue and sluggishness in some.  There are no long-term side-effects from the medicines.  Other potential therapies include "alternative medicine" such as yoga, bio-feedback, Tai Chi, and stress management.  Your doctor may or may not know about these forms of care.

Good luck.
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Fear not! These premature beats will not harm you. Beta Blockers are a safe medication and has no long term side effects and will actually prolong your life as well as suppress a lot of these PVC's and PAC's. Good luck!
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Thnak you Eric   You made me smile.  I needed that!!!!!!!
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Actually cyn, your symptons are similar to mine...i was put on a beta blocker(low dose)and it has helped a lot...i still get them, but certainly not as much as i did before...the beta blocker is a good drug(very safe)and you'll be started on a low dose just to see how you take to it i guess....good luck, these pac's etc are annoying!
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Why will beta blockers prolong her life if the PACs or PVCs won't shorten it?

BTW, I've taken beta blockers for high BP. Had no energy or desire to do anything. I'd rather live a short life without beta blockers (and feeling well) rather than a long one with (and feeling poorly).

Quality of life is important, and beta blockers trade off quality of life for length of live.

Your body makes adrenaline for darn good reasons. Switching it off (even partially) may not be such a good idea.
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Hello there:

According to my Cardiologist and numerous studies on the use of Beta Blockers, they prolong your life in many ways. First, they keep the heart rate slower which allows the heart to rest more and keep it strong and help maintain the ejection fraction. My doctor says that the higher your ejection fraction the longer you live. Second, they are proven to prevent both first and second heart attacks. Third, they keep blood pressure in check. Fourth, they have anti-arrythmia properties which suppress annoying PVC's and PAC's and can help ward off SVT's, A-Fib and VT.
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