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PVC, NSVT, whatever

I am just trying to get a consensus, just over 2 yrs. ago I had an ablation done, although it didnt completely "cure" my nsvt it did help make them a lot better,I would now say they are PVCs as they dont run for more than 1 or 2 beats anymore.  When I first noticed them, which seemed out of the blue, had a cold one year and bam they just seemed to appear, I thought the reason I was having trouble breathing was due to the cold I was getting over, no such luck.  Anyway so it seems about a week or two before I get sick, like a cold or something these pvcs seem to amp up, does anyone else have this going on?  Oh btw mine seems to be most prevelant when exercising EP/Cardiologist say its due to the adrenaline kick.  Tried metoprolol, no bueno, now im just therapeutically ranting.  So my main question is does it seem, to anyone else with nsvt/pvs, that right before they get sick do they seem to become more frequent/intensify?  Thank in advance!
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Hi, any condition that increases the pulse rate can worsen the PVCs/SVTs. This can occur with anemia, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, fever and dehydration. So, getting sick can increase the heart rate and worsen the arrhythmias. Regards.
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