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PVC'/PAC's and bigeminy - harmless?

Other post: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/cardio/messages/36226.html

I keep hearing with a normal cardiac workup PVC
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I will do my best to answer some of these questions but to be honest, to really talk about all these issues I would probably use several clinic visits -- these are very indepth questions.  Without trying to belittle your questions, I am concerned that you are trying to over analyze the issue.  Sometimes reading about all the things that can go wrong only creates more fear.  Not all PVCs are the same and not all VTs are the same, but very few articles will discuss the difference. The importance of seeing a good electrophysiologist or cardiologist is that they can determine what type you have and your risk and let you know.   The problem with reading too many articles is that you may stumble on one that does not apply to you, yet feel unnecessary fear and anxiety as a result.  Let your doctor do the reading and if you need a second opinion, the get one, and if they agree, try to believe them.

Please define typical series of tests.

In truly varies by the patient and situation.

EKG, sometimes holter, echo, event monitor, plus other tests if indicated.

I had normal echo, nuclear stress, and ekg
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I read this site with quite a lot of relief. Also noted another thread with Chest pain issues etc. I am 37, 88KGs, and considered fit. However recently I went through a somewhat stressful situation at work and now have chest pains (left side ribs) get shortness of breath and feel my heart beating loudly while at rest. I went to see my Dr and the ECG was OK. He reccomended getting Cardiac Thallium Stress test to confirm my heart was OK. For a couple of reasons I have not done this yet. This has been persisting for a couple of weeks now. I also went to the ER in the local hospital where they also did an ECG and it was normal as was my blood pressure. The first Dr also gave me some XANACS when I suggested maybe a lot of this anxiety was brought on by my own mind. On reading it is addictive I will stop taking it. When I exercise I generally feel an easing of the tightness. What exactly is PVC and given my condition seems to be common (to a degree) what is reccomended to aleviate the issue?

Many Thanks
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Thank you very much!!!

I know you will likely not respond again, however, the eye drops were just a reference to see if you thought it could have anything to do with the resting heart rate.

And the blood pressure was in reference to having a panic attack while in Bigeminy.

One of my biggest fears is that I will be in Bigeminy due to stress or excitement and it will turn into something worse if I get more stressed or excited or panic and my blood pressure gets high.

I don't have high blood pressure, but obviously when your anxious or panic your blood pressure can get high.

I think there was a post specifically stating that PVC's/Bigeminy don't turn into more harmful arrythmia's in a structurally normal heart...

I'll have to search for it.

Thanks again.
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Good questions, and I'm not wholly satisfied with the answer the doctor provided.  I'm not wholly satisfied that the medical community doesn't have a kind of FAQ on PVCs considering that everybody asks about them.

In my own case, I wear an ICD, which has zapped me 6 times, and has provided pacing therapies numerous times.  On each occasion I never felt the arrhythmia.  However, I get PVCs that sometime go on for 24 hours a day for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes I get about 40-50 PVCs per minute.  They end up traumatizing the whole apparatus.  My chest muscle, my left side throat, my head, my diaphragm all pay a price.  It can get so bad that I pray for my ICD to go off so that my heart gets reset.  The question that hasn't been answered:  How long can the heart tolerate a barrage of fierce PVCs, before damage is done to the heart muscle and the arteries?  

This has nothing to do with anxiety, or other dismissive concepts that medical professionals use to get rid of the patient.  And if anxiety does contribute to the problem, has anybody in medicine actually been able to measure that contribution?

Meanwhile, thanks for asking the doctor some very clearcut and pertinent questions.
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You are correct. Bigeminy in a structurally normal heart, normal EKG is not a concern regarding sudden death or dangerous arrhythmias.  I am absolutely not saying that it won't cause symptoms -- because we all know that PVCs do cause symptoms.

Panic attacks and PVCs are a frustrating combination and I understand it is very scary.  Thanks for posting.
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Thanks. You sound very confident. Are you a physician by chance or have just done your homework like a lot of us?

I get concerned that when I do get bigeminy, which is usually only during sexual activity and more likely when I'm in an anxious mood approaching sexual activity, that it will turn into a harmful arythmia - like couplets (back to back PVC's or Salvo's - 3 or more right in a row).

I think this has been clarified in another post.

I'm trying to find it...

I think a very detailed FAQ would be great!
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