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PVC cure?

What can be done to get rid of PVC's?
I have no anxieties nor panic disorders. My PVC's disappear when I exercize, when my heartrate is higher than normal (70), but reappear when I stop the excersize. Please can you give me any idea, coz my cardiologist leaves it like it is, but I want them gone. Since I like to have cosmetic surgery and as for now the aneasth. refuses coz the riscs that come with PVC's.
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The simple answer is that PVC's are more likely to occur at a lower pulse rate so exercise keeps your rate above that point (70). Search for PVC's and heart rate on internet - you can also as doctor.  Surprised that benign PVC's present surgical problem.
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I would just add my morning thought. You cannot get rid of them. Learn to live with them. Love them as you love your HEART, all yours for that lifetime, what a treat.
Well of course you can read thousands of pages, how and what to do, what others did bla bla . Did they get rid of them, the answer is: no………..
And I am not sarcastic, only realistic.
Good luck
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There are some who have ablations to try and get rid of them...some work while others don't, it's a guess really which ones go pvc free and who has to have other procedures to try and get rid of them.  Some of us go through the process and the drasted things come back so we end up back at square one.

However, dr's normally won't ablate unless the number of  pvc's is >15,000 or roughly 15-20% of the daily total heartbeats or there are other circumstances like fainting, heart disease, structural problems etc.

I can't say I've ever heard you can't have a procedure done because of benign pvc's?  If they didn't let people who have benign pvc's have procedures or surgery that would be ALOT of people because benign pvc's are very prevalent.  Now malignant pvc's are a different story - but that's a very rare case for someone to have MA's.

What do you have and how many in a 24 hr period?

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Q: " Please can you give me any idea, coz my cardiologist leaves it like it is, but I want them gone"....My PVC's disappear when I exercize, when my heartrate is higher than normal (70), but reappear when I stop the excersize. Please can you give me any idea...

>>>>>>It may be helpful to have a holter monitor on you to see if there is a remarkable physiological change of your heart going from exercise to rest. That information would provide a more in depth knowledge regarding your complete physiological state when exercising and again at rest. If the condition is consistant as you indicate, a holter monitor should be able to capture any irregularity that may trigger an episode.

Thanks for your question, and if you have any further questions or comments you are invited to respond.  Unfortunately, as vienna states many individuals learn to live with discomfort and adjust for the anxiety of the events and no serious consequenses going forward. It would be very interesting to hear if a holter is able to capture any irregularity as it it is somewhat unusual to have an event at rest but none with exercise...often it is PVC's that triggers tachycardia (SVT). You may find the following link to a thread of interest.  Take care,


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The thing is ... I dont have discomfort due to the PVC's. I dont feel them. I dont have anxiety nor panic attacks or whatever. They just occured I assume when I changed from Atenelol to Aprovel. The cardiologist doesnt think so. So for me it is not hard to live with it at all since I dont feel them. The only problem I have is that the aneasth. is not willing to sedate me for my "needed" procedure. I had holter test and treadmill test, echo2D and my cardiologist gave clearance for the procedure. It is the aneasth. who does not want to go ahead because of my frequent PVC's. What to do?
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what do they consider "frequent" pvc's though? what's the amount you're having because they may feel it would do something during surgery.

one thing to think about is this - a test is only as good as the date/time it was taken; could you get another holter to see if the amount of pvc's are consistent?

I had "very frequent" pvc's roughly 50,000 on almost every test I had done, then I had a sleep test that showed my EKG and monitor they had on showed no pvc's the next week.

just a thought
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I have the same problem you are having ~10% under stress, don't know otherwise. Cardiologist gave me the same advise as they have given you: "Ignore them", so I do.
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I like your post a lot!:)
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I will check the 2 holtertest I had 1 last July 2010 and 1 last December 2010. In July I had the holtertest as prep for a orthopedic surgery using epidural sedation in combination with sleep sedation, not general. No complecations during the surgery. In December it was done in prep for the Cosmetic procedure which would be done under sleep sedation only not general also. What I hear. if I put earplugs in, is 2 normal beats 3rth is irregular. Sometimes every other beat is irregular. But if it is inportant I will check if I can find the results of the holtertest. I am planning to contact the aneasth. of my orthopedic surgery and ask him his findings (if he still can remember my surgery) and feedback that towards the aneasth. for my cosmetic procedure. Hopefully he is willing. Otherwise I need to try to get a cardiologist to observe the procedure. My own cardiologiste is not willing to do it in the hospital where the procedure will be done. She is connected with a private Chinese hospital and the hospital where the procedure is done she has no contract with. Complecated I know... but that is how it is. Thanks for all the fine comments given by you and others.
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that's understandable, what about contacting another cardiologist who can be in the hospital you need to be?

I have to have my cardiologist in every procedure I have done also :P but it's due to my pvc's being malignant and having to turn my ICD off then back on and in case of any complications.
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You said: "They have to turn off my ICD during a procedure". Lisa, What is an ICD?
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Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) it's to stop high Ventricular Tachycardia's and dangerous heart rhythms
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