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PVC during Sex

  Last night while having sex with my wife, I noticed a series of "skipped beats".  At first, I tried to ignore them, but they kept occurring, and soon were distracting enough to make me wanna stop what I was doing.  I was also a bit over-tired, and maybe that also played a factor.  I've been tested once before for these skipped beats(wearing a 24hr Holter Monitor), and everything was fine.  I've read enough to know that PVC's and PAC's are generally benign and nothing to worry about, but I still have a few questions:
  1) Are they, or can they be dangerous during sex?  Is it the excitement that precipitates them?
  2) I know that stress, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco can aggravate the problem, but no one has answered satisfactorily why.  All are of course stimulants, but that doesn't really answer it for me.   What is it that makes these things bring on the palpitations and skips?
  Any more information on the cause and effect of stimulants and their relationship to the heart's electrical activity would be greatly appreciated.
  Thanks so much for this forum.  
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Dear John,
PVCs and PACs are benign, and this may be part of the reason why we not only
do not understand the pathophysiology of certain stimuli, but also we do not
even know why some people are aware of them while others are not!  Of course
there is no fame nor money to be made(by pharmaceutical companies per se) by
finding out the answers to these questions because scientists are rightly (a
matter of opinion I suppose) spending their research time and money on better
understanding more significant disease.  And so there is not a "satisfactory"
answer out there for you John.  As for the likelihood that the sympathetic
and parasympathetic nervous system reactions that are going on during sex having
to do with you getting PVCs at that time, it is also just as likely that you are
focusing on these benign entities and instigating a vicious cycle of worry that
then makes you much less interested in the action at hand (sex).  Once a person
has had some kind of work-up and it is found that s/he has only 'skipped beats' or
PVCs/PACs then unless there is development of new symptoms such as shortness of
breath, dizziness, and or chest pain then there simply is nothing to worry about
except how to keep the skipped beats from being the master of your psyche.  Good Luck.
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