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Does anyone know why a person can only have a few skips throughout the day and then when they got to bed at night their heart can start totally irregular???  I hate the feeling.  I get a few skips in the day and then whamo when I go to bed at night it starts skipping every second or third beat or just going irregular.
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I get that too, sometimes. I did last night after days and days of no PVC's. It usually happens when I lay down and then THINK about it. Like... "Hmm... no pvc's" and that can normally bring them on.
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Also, I am thinking it may have something to do with what side you're laying on. If I lay on my left, it brings them on. On my right or on my belly, they go away... on my back 50/50- depends. Try that too. It helped me a lot.
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Funny you should say that.  I always think about them whey I lay down as well.  I don't know if just the thought in my head will make them start.  That is so strange huh.  I really hate laying down now because I know it will start skipping.
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Just my guess; I've noticed for example that when I'm driving I seldom feel them because of the road bouncing of my car; or if I'm to busy doing work around the house I fail to notice them.  At night we notice them more because we have nothing to distract us; so they invade and take possession of our hearts and minds.  I'm taking a anti-anxiety pill called Klonopin with some limited success.  But in the end we have them all the time.  A couple of weeks ago I were a Holter Monitor and after looking at the results I see they whacked me both day and night.
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It IS quieter at night... so it would make it more noticable. But if I'm tired, and I just go to sleep, I don't notice them. I really do think I can "think" them into being.

Also, I am on Atenolol and it has done wonders. No caffeine. EVER of any sort... that has helped as well. I have maybe 10 PVC's a day, down from thousands.
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Hi Carrie.Yes I get that too.As Duk said it is worse on my left side or lying flat on my back. Sometimes I use three pillows and sit up until I'm so tired I just drop off. This works quite well.However I can wake up around 2-3am and they start again.I usually get up and sit on the settee and put on some soft music-I try to stay awake for a while and usually they ease off.They seem to be worse in me just as I wake or just as I am dropping off-what a pain!
Best Wishes - I feel for all of you..
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