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Hello my name is April and I have recently been diagnosed with PVC and was prescribed metoprolol I wanted to know if anyone has taken this for there PVC and if so did it work?
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Dear April,

Metoprolol belongs to a class of drugs called beta blockers and these drugs are known to reduce PVCs, especially if these PVCs give you symptoms.
I presume that you were started on the lowest dose and your doctor would uptitrate the drug depending on the extent of control of PVCs as well as side effects that you may encounter.
To answer your question, these are certainly effective drugs for your condition.

Hope that helps

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yes i have took it for mine yes it does help, does it stop them all together NO, you will still have them from time to time.

there are months i don't have one, there are days i have them 10 hours straight, every 4-8 heart beat.   so you can never tell what they will do

first week it will make you tired but as your body gets use to it , you wont feel tired.
when i start a new pill i ask for the lowest dose, some times if you can i cut pill in half, i don't like pills and not knowing how my body will feel i take a little till i see what it does.

try them, you will never know if you don't. they do help and , who knows with you just might take them all away.  good luck. Heart
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Thank u I did try it but it made my blood pressure low so my doc started me on propranolol 10mg 2x daily have u ever heard of that I use to take 40mg of propranolol for having fast heart rate I took it for ten yrs and on july 1, 2013 I got the gastric bypass surgery and I took myself off the propranolol cuz my heart rate stayed low and I was scared to take it because it lowers ur heart rate more after all that's why they prescribed the propranolol in the first place ten yrs ago but it wasn't until I stop taking the propranolol I started having the PVC I really think that's why I started having them so now that I'm on it again it seams o be helping but only been back on it for three days now I had a real bad episode yesterday of PVC called ambulance twice and got took to hospital for them to do nothing and send me home it scares me so bad when I have them I don't know how to calm myself...
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