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I have a question concerning the significance of PVC, mainly multifocal and couplets.  I am a 32 y old white female significantly overweigt, pretty sedintary, Stress test a year ago okay, excercised to 5.4 mets on a Modified Bruce.  Echo 2 years ago pretty normal except for some septal enlargement but on the larger size of normal, and mitral and tricupsid minimal leaking, and aortic calcification small amount. Cardiac Cath done in 1999 was essentially normal except for small PFO no treatment on that.  I am terrified of excercise after the study showing PVC's after excercise put the person at a higher risk of death within 5 years.  I suffer from occassional pvcs, but yet documented on event recorder multifocal pvc's and couplets, these were on two seperate recordings.  When this happens it scares the **** out of me and I worry about it.  I have PVC's daily but not this type daily is that of any more significant?  I may NOTICE a couplet every month, but not daily.  I have cronic hypotension as well, and I normally have a fast heartrate, 90-120 range.  I also get episodes of bradycardia which are very uncomfortable.  I am tired of just living with this as it is almost impossible.  I am worried about the PVC's, expecially the couplets.  I take Toprol XL 50 mg in am and 12.5 in the evening, this just a okay job keeping heartrate lower than it used to be 110+ all the time, but has caused more Bradycardia and I think more PVC's.  I have been on that for 3 years.  How significant is all this?  

Thanks for your time in answering my question!
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Thanks for the post.

I appreciate that you are scared and troubled by your PVCs, but your major risk for death is your poor exercise tolerance of 5.4 METS.  Any risk from the PVCs pales in comparison to the risk posed by the deconditioning.

However, the septal enlargement needs investigation.  Specifically, did the cardiologist that interpreted the echo evaluate for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  This condition can lead to increased PVC frequency, as well as a lower exercise tolerance.

Good luck.

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Dr. RCJ,
isn't it true that in order to tell if pvcs are multifocal or not, they have to be recorded on the exact same holter monitor or event recording with the electrodes in the same exact spot.  the lady who posted the question mentioned her pvcs being multifocal b/c they were recorded on separate occasions.  this could very well mean that her pvcs are actually unifocal and only appear multifocal b/c the electrodes were not in the EXACT same spot since they were on separate occasions.  is this accurate?
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I don't know about the study saying that people having PVC after exercise; it said:

"Over an average follow-up of 5.3 years, 1,862 of the 29,244 patients died. The study included deaths from all causes."

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2003/HEALTH/conditions/02/27/heart.stress.tests.ap/

Exactly how many of them ACTUALLY died from heart disease - specifically that is believed to be caused by PVC's - not by other causes? Couldn't it be that their constant fear and worry actually increased the risk of death of all kinds?

Another question: is it possible to feel PVC's while exercising? I get PVC's a few times a day and I hardly feel it while I exercise.

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Sorry but the multifocal pvc's were on the same recording, I said that:

"I suffer from occassional pvcs, but yet documented on event recorder multifocal pvc's and couplets, these were on two seperate recordings."

Multifocal on one, couplet on the other.

just for your fyi
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Pvc's L Treatement:
Waht do you think of Inderal as a drip in the hospital for a patient who had a increase in pvc's from 3 per minute ?
What about Rithmol does this only work on a racing heart ?
Ablation was mentione is that is laymen terms when then jump start the heart as the nurse said to calm in down or put back on track.
So scary We are talking about the engine to our body.
With an increase in pvc's ond over all health it is hard to handle.
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Anybody have this experience with pvc's?  When I bend over I get them; my heart actually goes into an irregular beat.  As soon as I straighten up, heart resumes normal beating.  I get no other symptoms, and have had heart tests and they call came back normal.    I wonder why position would affect my heartbeat?  Please someone, help me, I am very scared.  (I should mention I've had this condition for 8 years now.)  Either post a comment or email me at:  ***@****.  Thanks!
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