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Can you tell me what the average person would have for PVC's per day?  I have had two failed abalation studies which they could not make my heart got into v-tach but they caught short runs of v-tach on a holter.  I live in constant fear of these things.  I take a small amount of Celexa to try to control my anxiety about these but I can have one really bad day and I let these rule my life again.  I think these things have given me OCD and that is all I think about - dropping dead!  I have had numerous holters and all the they see is PVC's and PAC's and SVT once other than the one time they saw a small run of v-tach.  Any time I have any amount of anxiety or even exciteness they seem to come on full force.  Can people have too much adrenaline to make this happen?  I can just be sitting quietly watching TV and I feel one sort of drop (like when you are in an elevator)but in my heart.  It then happens again and again for maybe an hour or so and then goes away for awhile again.  The cardilogists have told me that it is normal and not to worry but I am in constant fear after being told of the v-tach.  I am a 45 year old female in great health other than these god-for-saken things.  I don't know if I should go back to the doctor again or what.  I think she thinks I am nuts for continuing my insistance there is something wrong with my heart, but I really feel there is and nobody has caught it.  I have asked a lot of other people if these get these things and they always say no, which even worries me more!  I can't seem to get them out of my head.
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Hi there, your definetely not alone, if you read through the archives, there are many people who have these pac's and pvc's and are scared to death of them.  I myself am one of them.  I don't know if you read my post to you on the other thread, but I was just diagnosed with SVT and pac's and pvc's and I too live in constant fear of them, waiting for them to happen.  My Dr. put me on Inderal and Xanax, to try to help control my anxiety over it.  And, by the way, yes, adrenaline definetely can cause the heart to go into the SVT, so I assume it could do it with the V-tach too (Don't quote me tho, my opinion).  My Dr. said my SVT, pac's and pvc's and just regular fast heart rate is adrenaline induced, and Inderal is a beta blocker that shuts off the adrenaline to help control the SVT, and it has helped me with my pac's and pvc's.  I've only been on it 6 days so, so I"m still trying to adjust.  Are you not taking anything for the V-tach?  If you want to talk, feel free to write me anytime, ***@****
Take Care, Michelle
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I have had these pvcs for the last five mths. my doc put me on tiazac and it has helped a lot
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I am a 39yo female.  I had a massive heart attack at 30 which proceded to a stent placed and then 3 days later a triple bypass.  Since then I've had 11 more stent being the most recent, 3 placed the end of September this year.  I too have a PVC which my Dr states that they are not harmful.  I was taking 50mg of Metoprolol Tartrate twice a day which helped immensely. There is another form of Metroprolol but it is the more expensive brand.  The Tartrate is only $4 at Walmart which CVS matches Walmart  price.  You may want to ask your Dr about that medicine. However since I had this last procedure, it took a toll on me.  My PVC got worse so the Dr upped my dosage.  Unfortunately it is not helping and I am having these episodes 2 - 3 times a day.  I'm now also experiencing severe pain in my right arm and leg along with numbness in my toes,  which I believe is due to poor circulation possibly caused by a clot.  I'm going to my cardiologist later to see what he says. The PVC is not painful but does affect me physically through my breathing and sleeping as well as being at work I have to stop what I'm doing. So annoying!
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