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PVC's/ Anxiety please help!!!

Ok... for the past couple of days... my arms have been feeling hot and I feel weak. I went to the dr yesterday... and I am sooo glad I didn't take the coreg that the electro physiologist told me to take because I have been having low blood pressure. So my dr switched me to toprol. She gave me a few samples of the toprol xl 50mg, and told me to take half of a half for starters, and to work my way up to half. So, last night was my first night. It went ok, but did not really improve. I know these meds take time to work, so... I am just trying to hang in there. I just feel really weak, and very irritable. It takes me forever to fall asleep at night. And I also noticed that after me and my husband made love last night, that the feeling in my arms went away. I wonder if this could be due to hormones. But... I was still very irritable. And every time I am about to drift off to sleep, I get like a rush of adrenaline, or SOMETHING, and it wakes me up EVERYTIME! I try to be as calm as possible, but my body is so whacked out right now! please help!
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Hi, sorry to hear about your symptoms.
I'm not a doctor but it sounds abit like paresthesia and it can be caused by something as benign as anxiety. I've struggled with GAD and panic attacks for over 20 years and I've had the exact same symptoms in my legs, arms and even in my face many times. High anxiety and shallow breathing usually brings mine on.
(Paresthesia  is a sensation of burning, crawling, tingling, pricking, or numbness of a person's skin. It is usually felt in the extremities, hands, arms, legs, or feet.)
If it persists, you should talk to your doctor about it.

If your interested, here's a list of all the possible symptoms of anxiety.
I've found that once I acknowledge my level of anxiety and realize that my symptoms might be coming from it, the symptoms seem to disappear.
Fear and anxiety can wreck havoc on us, taking away it's power over us almost always takes away it's many many symptoms. It's hard at times, but with alittle work, we can get through it.


Hugs! Hope you start feeling better. Remember your not alone.
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thanks so much hun! I will def check it out
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lol. I'm sorry.... I guess I didn't make myself clear.... lol, Well..........
What is the only thing we CAN do for eachother on these forums. Talk to eachother and share our experiences right!!!???? I'm sorry, I guess my question is if any of you get the hottness in your arms, it kind of feels like a "fever" in your arms.
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