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PVCs + beta blocker

I have pvcs that seem to start every 3 weeks(approx) and stick around for a couple of weeks and then go away until the next cycle. I have runs of them and have been put on Metoprolol 25 mg. This worked for awhile but stopped working recently, so I tried taking passionflower extract in addition. This worked well and strangely I wake up in the morning without pvcs and they only start about 1 hr AFTER I take my daily dose of Metoprolol. Can the beta blocker cause PVCs? Please let me know if you have run into this. I also worry about my liver with any medication since I have Hep C
(early stage). Thanks.
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Withdrawal from the beta blocker can worsen PVCs, and the medication may be interacting with the passionflower extract. You are on a very low dose of the metoprolol and I would stop taking the extract and increase the dose of the metoprolol to three times per day. Metoprolol is an 8 hour drug and you may have breakthrough after the eight hours.
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