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PVCs and Anxiety

I'm 34, healthy woman... I was diagnose w Panic Disorder about 5 years ago. I got all the symptoms: tachycardia, pvcs, sweaty palms, chest pain, etc... Ran into the ER a number of times thinking I was going to die of a heart attack...
I've done cognitive behavioral therapy and went to 3 cardiologists in 2009. Did the holter and electrocardiogram and even a stress test... I was considered normal and just 3 pvcs were caught at that time.
One put me on atelenol, it was horrible, I even felt worse.
The last one said that I should not worry about my heart and should walk 1 hr a day every day!
As soon as I left this last doc my symptoms disappeared!!! A PVC every now and then, rapid heart rate every once in a while and since I knew I was ok... the symptoms would go away...

Then about 3 months ago I startes getting pvcs again, a lot more frequent and especially when I moved around... dancing, walking, bycicle riding etc... I'm freaking out, they began to control my life. The more I think about them the more I have!!!

Before I perfome any exercise I wonder if I'm going to get them and sure enough I do and they're horrible!!!! More frequent and more intense then before... I'm horrible anxious about my heart, pvcs and falling over dead. I have 2 small children that I'm scared to leave behind.

Can this all be in my head???
Can my anxiety be contrinuting to the reocurrence of the pvcs and could its new frequency and intensity come from anxiety???

Just had blood work done and it was all normal... even lower cholestoral too!!!

Should I go back and get all the tests redone agian??

Thanks in advance for you suppport!!
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I have had a couple of heart attacks, have heart disease and have stents in my heart and elsewhere in my body because of all the plaque in my blood.  I have even lost most of my vision in one eye because plaque blocked an artery to the retina.  So, last week when I began to have a severe right sided headache (it's  my right eye that I am blind in and have the blocked artery in) and numbness in my legs and left arm, I was sure I had more plaque blocking an artery in my brain and was having mini strokes.  It turned out to be all stress related.  The inflammation from stress around some of the nerves was actually causing the symptoms.  I have been stressed and over worked lately.  But I felt so stupid to learn my problems were stress related.  I thougt I was too strong to allow stress to do this to me.  But, as soon as I knew it wasn't a blocked artery the symptoms vanished.  I now know that the attacks I get on my drive to work were panic attacks and not the onset of another heart attack or stroke.  It is hard to tell the difference!  But now that I know that stress has become the culprit of a lot of my problems, many of my symptoms have gone.  I have to believe you will know the difference.  What does your heart and head tell you?  If you feel that you need to be checked again, it's better to see your doctor than not see the doctor.  Never be afraid of following up with your doctor if you feel you should be seen.  Those children would rather mommy be healthy than not.  I am raising 3 grandchildren, so I have to do all I can to be healthy for them.

Take care and keep me posted!  Ally
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Thank you for your msg and support.
I did go back to the doc, already had an ecg, echo and stress test and all were fine.
They did detect pvcs, but said they're benign and that I need to just exercise. The stress tests shows that I'm clear to exercise and that my heart appears to be in great shape to deal with any physical exercise.

Also he said my heart is begging for exercise. I live a stressful life and I need to burn all the adrenaline instead of letting it circulate through my body. So now I just have to stop being scared of moving, stop being scared of the pvcs and burn off excess adrenaline instead of contributing with more through stress....

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