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PVC's and Quinidine Sulfate

Posted By Robert Adt on March 01, 1999 at 14:32:06:

I am 57 yr. male in good health except for trouble sleeping.
6 ft, 173 lb., rest pulse 60/min, BP 110/70, cholesterol ~180.
I exercise 3-4 x per week with either:
       free weights (for 1.5 hr)
       Nordick Track (20 to 40 minutes with a pulse rate of 135 to 155     depending on intensity).
About 6 years ago I was diagnosed w/ PVC's by Dr. A (I did not feel the PVCs at that time and was disturbed by his finding.)
I took QUINIDINE SULFATE Extended Release Tablets, 300 mg. 4x per day for about 2 years and the PVCs were gone.
I gradually stopped taking the QUINIDINE SULFATE.
Then I changed Drs. to a cardiologist (medical insurance change) who found no PVCs for 2 years.
PVCs have now returned (When I feel my pulse I detect missing beats).
PVC frequency varies ranging from every 3rd or 4th beat to none in 100 beats. (They seem to be worse after I exercise harder.)
I can feel the PVCs in the form of palpitations(?). Also a sort of light-headedness at times.
I am currently back with Dr. A and he detects the PVCs. (My insurance changed again  I like Dr. A very much and am glad to be his patient again.) I expect he will prescribe QUINIDINE SULFATE again.
Is QUINIDINE SULFATE an acceptable drug for controlling PVCs?
The reason I ask is that I have been informed by a close friend that QUINIDINE SULFATE is not a safe drug and is no longer prescribed for PVCs. My friend works with a cardiologist who tests heart medications (using patients) for drug companies.
Thank you for your help. You have a great web site, one of the best.
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