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PVC's and reflux/heartburn

I was reading some of the other forums answered by the wonderful M.D.'s here, and I came across this statement by Forum MD-dc and I quote:

"studies have shown that esophageal acid stimuli can initiate reflexes that result in abnormalities of heart rhythm......"

I've long known that for myself, reflux/heartburn (I regularly eat as many as 10 Rolaids daily) and large meals can definetly effect/trigger my PVC's. I've discussed this with my Cardio and numberous other doctors I've seen, but they have seemed somewhat reluctant to acknowledged that heartburn or reflux might contribute to PVC's, albeit, they have all acknowledged
the potential full stomach/vagus nerve connection.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction to an website or medical journal that might have this study in whole?

Searched high and low,

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I can't tell you where to look (just try Google & subject), etc..., but I know 100% that it causes PVCs!!  Rolaids don't seem to help much.  Pepcid Complete might be a better thing for you, as it last for hours.  I've had to go on prevacid, twice a day.  I don't know how/why heart burn/indigestion effects the heart rythmn, but it does!!  
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Did you try pubmed.gov?
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FWIW, I would be careful about taking so many antacids.  They can interfere with the absorption of other meds, can cause constipation, and I think can contribute to kidney stones.  A longer acting med like Prilosec or just OTC Zantac might be better.
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I too notice a definite increase in pvc's with heartburn, and eating larger meals. The dr's don't seem to think it's a factor, but... I tell you what I feel, and that is that. I am not crazy! lol I eat tums. Helps a little.
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Thanks for the input! I just knew I wouldn't be alone when it came to reflux/PVC's. I'll keep looking for the study, I'd like to give it to my Cardio too.
He gets a kick out of me bringing him in newer studies about arrhythmia's like PVC's. He gets them too, but found that long hospital hours are what triggers his.

maggiemag: Thanks for your info. Fortunetely, I don't take other meds and haven't had any problems over the many years with other side effects from Rolaids. A fairly recent CAT showed clear kidneys too, thank goodness.
The main reason I won't take Prilosec, Zantac, Prevacid, etc., is because they all list cardiac side-effects like heart rhythm abnormalties, arrhythmia's, tachycardia, and chest pain in their possible drug side-effect profiles. One's like the Aciphex I was prescribed years ago, also list possible MI, bundle branch block, long QT, etc.
If I didn't already have PVC's, runs of NSVT, and mild MVP, I might be more willing to give one of them a try again, I just can't get over the fear factor.

I do go back and forth between Gaviscon and Rolaids. That way I'm keeping my Calcium/Magnesium ratio's at acceptable limits and prevent some of the side-effects that the two are said to cause at times.

Thanks again everyone!  
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Hi there. I too suffer from pvcs and heart burn/indigestion. My GP, cardiologist and EP all believe that reflux is a trigger. I have tried many acid meds and the one that works best for me is Omeperozole. The moment i stop taking them the pvcs increase dramatically
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It's nice to see that some doctors acknowledge the reflux connection!
My cardio said, could be, but he hadn't had many patients mention it, and we didn't pursue the topic much further at the time.

Do you have any side-effects with the Omeprazole (Prilosec)?
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I have had PVCs for a little over 10 years.  I noticed mine normaly come at 2 different times.  After I eat.  AND they can come if I skip a meal.  

After I eat, could I need digestive aids?   Or am I eating foods that my body can't break down?  Food sensitivities?  Looking to start a food journal to see if I can pinpoint something.   I know if I'm laying in bed and my heart skips, sometimes I can sit upright and burp and my heart goes back to normal.  Does that mean it's gas?  

If it skips if I miss a meal, could that be acid from not eating?  

Certain times of the year, I also have had some sinus drainage down the back of my throat and probably swallowed into my stomach.  I had wondered if the sinus drainage could also be causing acid in my stomach and triggering PVCs?

Could it also be from hormones or if I get a cold or virus and my immunity goes down?   Or even if I get slightly dehydrated, could that make them come on?  

I know, more questions!  
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WOW!!! I thought I was the only one on earth suffering from PVC's , heartburn and anxiety. I'm still trying to figure out which one causes what. I did find out one thing, RAW ONIONS cause PVC's without the heartburn, also anything with B12 in it. I too, also take Xannax as needed, maybe every couple for of months for about 2 days.
I had a good run for about the last 6 months with no problems of PVC's or heartburn or anxiety, until I went on vacation and my diet changed.
Before I went on vacation,I was eating almonds,pumpkin seeds, and berries everyday for inbetween snacks.
I drink no more that 2 cups of coffee in the morning and no soda pop of anykind. I really do feel that there is a connection between heartburn and PVC's. When I get heartburn I usually take Prilosec for about a week and it gets better for a few months. I try to do 30 minutes a night on the treadmill. I also always laugh, laugh, laugh, it's cuts way down on the stress. Watch lots of comedies. It really works for me.
I'm sorry others have this problem, but now I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one. Thank you for sharing.
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