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PVCs and silent acid reflux or GERD

Hello everyone,  As you have read in previous posts, I suffer pvcs everyday...some days worse than others but, I have them every day.  Does anyone out there have pvcs and suffer from acid reflux as well? Do you have a lot of "acidic" feelings in your chest, or gas or discomfort or a bitter taste in your mouth?   do you take an antacid such as diovol or zantac to helpl relieve this and then find your pvcs gone?  is there any relation between pvcs especially after meals and acid reflux?  Suggestions and information most welcome!!!  Thanks, M.
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Dear M-chi,

Sorry to hear about your PVCs. Eating and digesting a large meal can result in a transient increase in sympathetic tone, which can increase the heart rate. This increase in sympathetic tone can precipitate PVCs. Also, if one has GERD the sympathetic response generated from the discomfort of GERD may also predispose one to PVCs. Anything that increases sympathetic tone may increase the incidence of PVCs, even though the precipitant may not be directly related to the PVCs themselves. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your question,

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It's pretty well established that for PACs and probably PVCs, the general state of the nervous system surrounding the heart plays a major role in allowing premature beats to occur.  The mechanism is much like a transistor, where the aberrant foci are creating ion pulses which, when they reach the pacemaker circuitry, yield a preamture beat...the ease with which these pulses travel can be dictated by the state of your nervous system.  GERD would be expected to agitate that same nervous system, and therefore, indirectly lead to more premature beats.  

This is of course partially theoretical and partially based on fact.  Drugs like tambocor are known to reduce that nervous system activity and do, in fact, result in a lessened amount of premature beats.  Interestingly, most EPs will not admit there is a connection, while most everyone knows there is.
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have u got the results of the last holter?  drop me an email.  let me know about when the trip is coming up and how ur doing. take care.
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If you look at a Grays Anatomy book you'll notice your esophagus, heart and diaphragm seem to come to a point of intersection in your chest. This may explain some relation of PVC's to GERD and even posture and position. Like many of us, I can get instantaneous PVC's if I lie on my left side. The cardiologist say's its just because I notice them more at rest. That is nonsense. I had a holter monitor hooked up and I felt every PVC that was recorded, whether standing up or lying down. Considering how little doctors know about this terrible condition, they sure have a lot of opinions on what doesn't cause it. Perhaps if they did more studies and listened to us they would get a breakthrough. I like this site, but you have to admit the doctors give the same response over and over again to the PVC questions. They may as well automate the response. I would like to ask them if any studies and research are being proposed, but the question bin is apparently always full.
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>How right you are.....!<
Bey -  *Ianna*
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GPW... re: PVCs while laying on L side... this is a very common complaint of those w/MVP... have you ever been dx w/this? ... if not, have you ever been checked for Mitral Valve Prolapse?
JES/apparently born w/MVP and now have mild reguritation, however, don't necessarily notice PVCs more while sleeping on L side... I have 'em most all the time :)
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