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PVCs and stomach gas!!!!

Just a quick question... My younger sister who is 20 yrs old and has never suffered from pvcs/palpitions etc had an endoscopy done 3 days ago for suspected acid reflux. During the procedure they blew air into her stomach to inflate it!! Since then she obviously has alot of stomach gas but she has been having non stop pvcs too!! Yesterday for about 6 hours every third beat was an ectopic!! They have calmed down alot today and she is not really bothered by them but is there a connection between gas and palps? I know i tend to burb after a pvc and after eating i definitely get more.
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I get pac/pvcs everytime I eat. It might be during or definetly soon after. It could be just animal crackers or a spag dinner. Any food. I can last for a minute to hours and cannot find a pattern.
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i have same problem today has air in chest and stomack didnt feel to good had pvc all day tonight they are better and my chest dont feel full air and yes i belech all the time with my pvc
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hey i just came from my cardio dr i have been having same thing your sis has the air in stomack, and yes lots lots pvc i wore a h-montor and it said i had over 36,000 thatys a lot to me but not much to her, she said the air is from the vagas nerve i think how you spell t and when you get up set with the pvc its get up set and gives you the belching of air, i have felt bad for a few days now not really hungry and just feel full all the time it comes with the pvc so hope shes doing better .tell her hang in there it will work out.
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I had palps which drove me crazy for a few years. Then they told me that I ha a bad gallbladder which needed to be removed. After my surgery I had only occasional palps-one here and there. They were nothing bothersome. Now some 8 months after my surgery, I seems to be getting some GERDS going and my palps are back with a vengence driving my CRAZY!  If my stomach is settled, I don't seem to have them. If my stomach is upset and I'm burping alot, BAM!!! The palps are bothersome. It was been going on everyday for over a month now! Is there a connection?  ????? I think so!
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yes i think so to, my cardio told me this morn that they do seem to come together and the gerd can make them worse so i know ive had well my 24 hr showed over 36,000 plalp/flutters and i have the belching to go with it so i know they come together , and if am stressed i get a full feeling and air in chest with lots palps, seems like doubling meds not help either just have to let them do there thing and hope they go away soon . hope you have less palps today
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I'm not sure what causes it but I get the same thing. My PVC's happen after eating and then a couple hours after I'll have an episode with gas. As soon as I get the PVC's I get up from my desk and walk for a few minutes. I burp several times. I've been through all of the tests and found that I have a mild case of MVP. But as far as the gas....none of the doctors gave an explanation. This isn't much help but at least you know that you're not alone.
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Yellowrose: Hope your pvcs have settled down, my sis is feeling much better and all her pvcs have gone!! However i always have gas in my stomach and indigestion so i have pvcs everyday!!
Its amazing that so many of us suffer from the same thing. I was talking to my mum today ad she told me that she also gets pvcs with trapped gas!!

dmil241: i also have gerd at the moment and that definitely triggers more palps too. I have tried many acid meds but none have helped with acid!!

Dbooo: Thanks. It definitely does help to know that i'm not alone and imagining it!! No matter what i eat i always get pvcs after. Like you after eating i have bad gas episodes which trigger runs of pvcs i also tend to get a fast heart rate too.

There is obviously a connection here but why is it so many docs do not recognise it? I also find that i get pvcs if i go hungry for a long time and gas builds up! I'm doomed if i eat and doomed if i don't!!!
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Sounds like you may want to see a GI doc.
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I don't know if anyone will agree with this, but sometimes those people who are very very anxious, may actually gulp air from the anxiety and thus have a lot of gas.  I think it kinda makes some sense.
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i just came back from the doctor because i have been experiencing a palpitation like feeling in my throat for a couple of days now accompanied by burps. my doctor looked at me like i had 3 heads and said i have never heard of that and they certainly cannot be related. i thought i would do my own research and was amazed to find these posts. does anyone know however, is it an actual palpitation or just something that feels likes one. if it is an actual palpitation, why or how would gas cause this?
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I just came back from the doctors with this very same problem, 2 nights ago, I went to the ER cause I was having alot of pvc's, but also having alot of gas in my upper stomach. I'm surprised that doctors don't get the connection.  I was just explaining to my doctor that my stomach is gurgly and full of gas and the need to burb triggers a pvc, I think she thinks I'm crazy. It is very uncomfortable and a pain to deal with. I've tried gas x, but doesn't seem to help too much. I also can feel the pvc when it happens, was able to tell them when it was occuring when having the ekg. Gonna look around the net for a way to decrease stomach gas naturally and will let all of you know. T
Try the low fodmap diet.
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I have had the same problem on and off for past few years and it is only the fact that I can see so many others experiencing this that causes me not to worry.
I feel my stomach move - trapped air i think - then my heart appears to skip a beat or too - then I burp. Makes me feel a bit funny/yuk.

There is no pattern to this but occurs usually after food but sometimes relieved by food. It can last on and off for weeks/months then just go away til next time!

I have a small hiatus hernia and wonder if this contributes.
Also have been on Nexium and, before that, Losec for too, too many years and believe it has caused more problems than not.

Anyone else with these symptoms have a h.hernia and Nexium history also?????????   I am 47, female and a bit too much stomach fat.
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I was put on Nexium last summer, just in case the chest pains I was having was to to acid reflux.  Well, after I started taking it, I was loaded with stomach gas, burping all the time.  I looked it up on checkmd.com and it turned out that it was a possible side effect of Nexium.  Funny, huh?  I stopped taking it and the burps went away.
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I never really connected the two together,but after reading this thread, I now wonder if there really is a link! I am very burpy, impresses my 7yo son immensely but embarrasses my 8 yo daughter no end! I have noticed that eating seems to aggravate the already delicate balance of my internals and the PVCs definitely seem more noticeable after ingestion of anything, even plain water....I just assumed that I was more gassy than others, and the PVCs are just part of my daily inconvenienced life as a heart patient! Interesting....
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There definitely must be connections between all the symptoms. Irritating that docs dont get it. I had chest pains that got relieved with Nexium, diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Now I have PVCs, lately a lot and I'm not sure if I should take nexium or not. I know the dots connect. Toss the vagal nerve in there too. More docs should read this post.
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I'm so glad I found this site. I too get PVCs when I have stomach gas. I feel like my stomach is so full and pushing up on my diaphragm/heart etc. This all started when I was pregnant with my second child. I had super bad heartburn and gas and these PVCs started. The cardiologist said not to worry. I'm going to see a GI specialist next week so we'll see what he says. Isn't there a pill we can take for the gas instead of taking Maalox all the time?
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you know now that i read all these comments here i think that is exactly what happens to me, after i eat i feel the gas push up on my chest and that makes me get PVCs, and now that i am 2 months prego it's even worse..I am going to go see a gas doc instead of my cardiologist becuase he did EKG and blood work and a h.monitor and he said he found nothing wrong, that it could be dew to my pregnancy, and now he does not want to do more test untill after the baby....
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I have the same problems as many of you.
-After eating a lot of PVC's. (1in3 to 1in8 beats - i get less PVC's if i don't eat big meals and if i avoid certain foods)
-After even just a little bit of food stomache already feeling full.
-Burning feeling in the stomache.

I don't even bother about going to a docs about this,
because i'm very dissapointed in docs lately and
i'm sure this will go away when i make changes to my lifestyle.

I believe that switching to less food but healthier food,
better chewing and having a better posture (straight back - so
the stomach doesn't push on the vagus nerve)
will totally heal my problem.

I have read that a problem with PPI-drugs (like nexium) often is that,
when people stop taking them the stomache starts producing
more acid prior to beginning treatment with PPI-drugs...

I also read that when people take PPI-drugs the food doesn't get digested properly because there is not enough acid in the stomache.I recommend everyone who can afford so, to look into natural alternatives before going the chemical pharmaceutical route...

because sometimes, not always, there are far better natural treatments than those that western medical science has to offer to us.
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I have the same thing too, Doctors say there is no correlation.
I think that is hard to believe, do any of them read up on patient history.
somewhere, someone... had to have had a study done with this many "isolated" cases.  There has to be a book on this subject somewhere...
I just read this blog tonight for the first time, it backs up the feelings I have been going through for 15 years now.
I have been doing my own study for the last 5 years now, since no one in the medical field has a clue.
I was told 15 years ago (by my cardiologist) to lay off the caffeine and chocolate, which was very difficult for me.
first I cut back, it helped, but did not rid.
I switched to decaf a couple years ago, decaf still has a few milligrams of caffeine in it, so I figured I must be really sensitive, it helped, but did not rid.
I have not had a starbucks latte for 3 months now, it seems the palps have 'picked up' since then, that doesn't make sense,- (perhaps less milk in the diet)???
I notice they increase after eating - or when fasting for a couple days.
I have also noticed that exercise (on a daily basis) helps weaken them a lot, I notice they are much worse when I become 'out of shape'.
They increase when you lay down too.
There also might be a correlation between lack of sleep and stress, hard to tell this one.
Hope this helps while adding to the pile.    -Billy

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Add me to the list of people with gas and PVCs. Yesterday and today were unsettling days for me. It goes like this. Gas (lots of it) builds up in intestines and stomach and then I get the palps or pvcs. Some swelling too. When I belch a lot and get rid of some of the gas they subside and so does the swelling. Anyways when at worst my pvcs are like: beat..beat..thump.....beat..beat..thump.....beat..beat..beat. Here's my thread.


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Hi Billy. Read this:

"Palpitations are most commonly due to an irregular heart rhythm, but can also be caused by other things such as intestinal gas, anxiety or they can just be normal like your heart pounding after heavy physical activity."

Source: https://www.rcpg.com/palpitations.php
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i have pvcs for over 6yrs now. I feel eat everytime i eat,especially in the m0rning. Its hard to breath also. Sometimes i feel depress kn0wing that this will happen again..i now have anxiety and panic attack bec of this. When will it stop and what shall we do to eliminate this in our daily lives??
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I started on Omeprazole (a PPI drug as Jonaz referred to it) to see if eliminates my acid reflux.  I agree that a "natural cure" for anything is the best way to go but my reflux is really bad right now and I think is a likely cause of the PACs I've had lately.  I've tried diets of the "reflux friendly foods" to help and tried the apple cider vinegars and such.  No dice.

I'm strapped to a Holter Monitor right now and waiting to get a final diagnosis from my doctor who says she thinks they are probably benign.  But it's still really scary stuff so I'm really hoping in 3 or 4 days that the Omeprazole will help both my stomach and my heart.

Has anyone had success ending their PACs/PVCs with acid reflux treatment?
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I am a healthy 35 yr old male, and I started having paps/pvcs about a year ago and they freaked me out in a big way! For some time each time I experienced them I would think I was having heart failure, etc. This past week I have had three episodes where my left hand would start tingling as if going numb, followed by a sharp pinch in my left shoulder that was followed by left arm and leg pain and a brief sense of a light headed/feeling something wasn't right. All three times I had terrible gas. Tonight as I laid in bed my left hand started to tingle and my left arm started hurting. Simultaneously, I could feel tons of bloating in my stomach so I started belching and with each subsequent belch the pain and tingling went away. A minute later the pain would be back and I would belch and as air came up in bunches my pain and tingling would disappear. It didn't hit me until tonight that all my "heart issues" could be gas related. Then finding all these similar stories helped confirm what just happened. I will go see my Dr Mon morn and discuss. Thanks for all the comments, & hopefully my story can help someone else out there worried about their heart/circulation!  
HI, am glad I cam across this site, my PVCs and terrible gas all makes sense. Thank you!
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It's amazing to read all of your posts. I have been dealing with exactly the same symptoms with gas and PVC's and had every heart test done known to man. They say I am healthy and that PVC's are just going to be part of my life. I am 35 and have had them since about 32 but started having them regular about a year ago. So weird that this many people have the same symptoms but it's supposedly not related to each other.
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Ok here's my 2 bits. Abouut 10 years ago I got home late, kinda hungry so i made myself a wonder bread ham and cheese sandwich. Ate it went to bed. About an hour later woke up, couldnt feel my legs and kinda numb allover. Dialled 911 ambulance came. On the way to the hospital (approx 5 min ride) I started to belch/burp. Got there ran tests all fine Md gave me Maalox cause my stomach was a mess, and a compazine shot to calm me down.15 years later and heres what happens now! If I dont eat, or eat abruptly, or too much, and lay down. I get severe bloating in my stomach, and plenty of gas, along with these thumps in my heart. These are really scarry, matter of fact had the worst one tonight, and thats why I'm writing. I had been on an empty stomach doing lawn care work outside. When It was finally time to eat, I gobbled it down hunched over on the table. A 1/2 hour into the meal, I thought my heart was going to stop. Thump Thump thump!!! I got up from the table and made myself burp. I was amazed at how much gas my stomach had.Palps went away with me burping. 3 hours and a pepcid later and I still have gas, but no Thumps!! The best way I can explain it is this. When you dont eat, when you feel hungry, your stomach produces acid. It also produces acid when you eat abruptly, or eat foods which are hard to digest. This acid build up in the form of gas in your stomach presses up against the vagal nerve, and produces palps. So heres what I do. Eat when your hungry!! If you cant, have some crackers handy, these will absorb the acid in your stomach. Dont eat foods that are hard to digest (this varries from person to person) If you find yourself having indigestion have some club soda, this really helps (also some chamomile tea).Dont eat quickly, chew your food slowly, and try to be calm when you have dinner. Dont eat and got to bed, the food just sits there. If you can, eat a little earlier but if that is not a n option eat light.Always sit in an upright position.Dont eat then drive (for those of us that have this problem) I got palps one day in the car after eating, its dangerous!! Try pepcid instead of Prilosec! It works faster, and doesnt shut down your h2 proton pump for 24 hours!!  This will not kill you, but it is scarry.
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Hello Im a Male 33yrs.
I been having episodes of PVC's too.  Some times the PVCs are so bad i get light headed and dizzy.  I usually only have the problems after i eat, but thats not to say I wont eat anything my stomach will feel full and have PVC's.  (If i burp i instantly feed better) I had a endoscope and they found that I have mild gastritus.  Im in the navy and the flight doc said some cases of really bad indegestion can cause you to pass out.  Im told that the vegas nerve gets upset and causes these problems.  Im now looking into possibly getting my nerve snipped.  Im going to get another consult set up.  Im tired of them irratic PVC's heart palps are extremely discomforting to me.  I advoid greasy foods, red sauces.  
When this all started i was really scared that i had a Heart disease.  Its crazy that all these stomach issues can scare you to death because it was new and was directly affecting my heart.  I had all tests done for my heart except a MRI, which they feel is not needed.  
Im not a doc, but im sure im suffering from trapped wind too.
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I am so glad to read your message.  I have PVC's and I just told my daughter I swear it has something to do with excessive gas.  After I have a PVC, I either burp or pass gas.  I find I have more if I don't eat than after eating.  I have been bothered by these for years and 2 years ago, I had 2 separate episodes of AtriaFib.  Dr. said they don't have any proof that PVC's are precursers to Atrial Fib.  I feel somewhat relieved to know that other people have the same problem and the same feelings that I have.  I do truly think the PVC's are related to gas.  I take omeprazole every day but that doesn't seem to help.  Also take Sotalol everyday.  I get very upset when I have these and then that makes it worse.  Thanks. Bunnie
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The secret is finding out what foods cause you gas.  Also  go to a GI doctor and get an upper endoscopy done(camera down throat).  You most likely have gastritis in the area where the vagus nerve connects.  Gas expands the stomach allowing the nerve ending to be irritated sending errant signals to the heart.  Tylenol helps if you can take it....watch out for the liver.

My best defense is acid reducers ( prescriptive kind), and not eating the gassy foods like apples, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, sugar, etc.  Taking Beano before meals with beans or veggies helps also.
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A few years ago or so I suffered from these same issues.  I began to notice that I would have PVC's after eating.  Sometimes only for a little while and other times it could go on for over an hour.  I went through the same ordeal that many of you have talked about here.  I persistently told my doctors about how my PVC's seemed to be linked to digestion or gas and was told that there was no known relation.  It was very frustrating being told the same thing all the time and never being able to do something about a very alarming and annoying issue.  Then in 2009 something changed.  I began noticing a much quicker irregular beating at random times - Sometimes after eating but when it would happen became much more random.  After two more doctor visits one doctor decided to have me do a stress test (treadmill) asap.  I got lucky and they were able to catch what I was feeling during the stress test.  It turned out that I was now having the very dangerous arrhythmia ventricular tachycardia.  These where very short runs of v-tach.  Maybe only for about 4 to 5 seconds before it corrected itself and returned to normal rhythm.  All of the tests that I had had done on my heart up to that point showed that, structurally, my heart was very healthy so the doctors were perplexed when I started having v-tach.  More tests were run and the same results showed.  My heart was structurally fine.  Then I met the amazing cardiologist that would ultimately figure out what was happening to me and set the wheels in motion for me to get it resolved.  He arranged for me to have an EP (electrophysiology) study and they discovered that I had 3 spots in my right ventricle that where misfiring.  This created a bad pathway that was causing my v-tach.  Once they discovered the 3 "bad" spots they did a procedure called cardiac ablation which essentially blocked the 3 bad spots and prevented the v-tach.  The procedure itself was very easy.  I was able to leave the next day and haven't had any more v-tach.  I still get random PVC’s from time to time but not often & my Doctor said that is normal and no big deal.  The best part is that I don’t get them after eating anymore.  What was interesting, though, was that all three spots were in the area of the right ventricle that ran right up against my esophagus.  My doctor believed that this may have been why I was having issues after eating.  His theory was that the eating (swallowing food in particular) may have stimulated the area triggering the arrhythmias.  Apparently an issue with PVC’s and digestion is an area where very little study has been done.  I would suggest to anyone that is having ectopic heart beats after eating to find out more about an EP study from your cardiologist.  I cannot tell you the relief I felt after the procedure.      
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An important note to add to this post so that I don't scare the crap out of anyone  --  The fact that I began having short runs of v-tach as a result of the misfiring spots in my heart was apparently a very rare problem.  My doctor said that normally this issue only leads to PVC's or PAC's.  I merely wanted to share the story and share the info on the EP study and ablation just in case someone else finds them self in the same scenario.    
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I too have suspected a link between gas and palps and pvs's for quite some time. My theory ( I am no doctor ) is that I have acid damage in my esophagus, ( from acid reflux ) which has made a tiny hole in my esophagus which gas is seeping through into my chest cavity, which in turn is causing pressure on my chest, causing the pvc's/palps.  
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I see this very common among many peoples that eat mostly foods that contain gas producing chemicals in them. My heart literally stopped and regained again many times due the VEGAS nerve. I too felt my heart was wearing out but NO DOCTOR would ever treat the cause but i know now that they do know how to treat the cause but will most likely not reveal the secrets to this knowledge due to not having any work related issues from this condition. They simply will be out of work if they do correct this condition for you asap. Forget it and live until you die, for it is better to stay away from them if you can as all they do is take money and know it. Stay calm, eat lite, stay away from gas causing foods and foods that contain artificial ingredients and stay away from synthetic antibiotics as they FDA has banned many of these and should ban the rest. Drink natural water, no clorinated water and just use natural flavorings. Mainly is to eat lite and use simple exorcises to expel gases which act like bombs inside the stomach and intestines. One known cause is the tightening of the orifice of the small and large intestines or a growth which will hinder passage of intestinal waste which in turn causes gas and backup causing acid reflux. Doctors will not heal you but will do surgery on you. Acid reflux will cause bacteria growth in the lung passages and eventually into the heart and heart sac causing fluid buildup. You can rid this with asthma medicine, antibiotics and exorcise with coughing out the fluid for relief. Chemicals can cause many problems to the health.
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I have it too, I order on line sirberian tiger virgin oil with nut oils,waiting on it to come in the mail,it will relieve all your systems and make your GI track a lot healthier and over all good for your health,also I have learn to eat more rice and veggies and some fruit each day will keep you balance from it coming back,you can look it up and try it your self going nature is a better cheaper way than the cost of doctors and perscriptions,hope your axnietys will get better for you!
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Insane that Drs seem to all ignore the connection despite the evidence! I found this thread because I too have PVCs and gas that are clearly connected. Except that I feel like the gas is caused by the PVCs rather than the other way round. Anybody else have this in this order?
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Thank you for sharing this important info, even if your story is rather scary. Are we gas sufferers all going to end up with VT I wonder...

If the right ventricle runs up against the oesophagus - which no doctor has mentioned to me- then that would explain the connection between right ventricular extracystoles and gas. Your story reflects also what I feel, which is that the PVCs cause the gas and not the other way round.

If you don't  mind my asking, why did you opt for surgery rather than medication for the VT? Did medication not help?
I was given a beta blocker today for the first time and not only did it not feel like it did much, the side effects also incapacitated me at least as much as my symptoms.
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Sorry for the very, very late reply.  I failed to mention that medication was tried but did not help.  I forget what meds they tried, but the results were nonexistent.  The surgery was merely done VIA catheterization and was quite easy to recover from.  It has now been 5+ years and I still have very few irregular heartbeats, and I never have the issues after eating that I had before.  The procedure was one of the best things I've ever done.
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Also -- according to both my cardiologist and electrophysiologist;  the fact that I ended up with VT was quite rare.  Most people only experience PVC's por PAC's
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My mother suffers from the same symptoms as you've all described above. I'm so pleased to have found this forum so she could see it's not just her! She is on heart meds: Metaprolol, Warfarin, Furosemide-Lasix, Famotidine Pepcid for heartburn. This problem has persisted in varying degrees for over the last 10 years. It has been so serious that she has ended up in emergency and ICU on many occasions. Not to mention the constant weight loss. No matter what she eats. More importantly the doctors tell her she just has to live with it ... 10 years now and counting. So looking into alternative lifestyles. We've found the 'Hay health diet http://www.diet.com/g/hay-diet  that tells you the reaction your body takes to digest the foods you eat and it has been helpful. Small meals 5 times a day and you have to eat everything and delicious. May be labour intensive at first but you soon get into the swing of things.  Keep the food fresh and seasonal. Our experiment with it is on going so we will see.
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Oh great, I am having an endoscopy next week for my acid reflux and I have this issue with my heart as well.
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