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Thank you for taking my question.

I have had skipped heart beats on and off for about 5 years. I
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If the Holter shows no PVCs again and the echocardiogram is normal, is it safe to conclude these are just PVCs?

The holter should show what the rhythm is. If PVCs are causing your symptoms, you will see them on the holter. If you do not see PVCs on the holter, PVCs are not causing your symptoms. An even monitor might be a better way to flag the occurence of the symptoms.

Generally, if it is PVCs, and you have a normal cardiac workup, you most likely will not need to go to the ED each time you have symptoms. Work out a plan with your physician.  

Also, work on your fitness level and weight loss. You will feel better in the long run.
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The last line was deleted on my orginal question. It was...

Do I really need to go to the ER every time the lorazapam doesn
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If your echo comes back normal and you are told you have a normal heart.  Then no because the er wont be able to do anything  to stop the pvcs.  I have been there done that.  I mean if your getting them one right after the other yes.  However I had bigeminy.  Thats a normal beat pvc normal beat pvc in that fashion.  I had couplets and they just sent me home.  Told me if it kept up to get in touch with me ep dr.  That happened to me several times.
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I've had these damned things since I was 13 and I'm now 65.  Every single day!!!  Have had the tests done, been to the ER when they were exceptionally bad and have a good Cardio guy (I think).  Everything checks out and the Thallium stress tests show a normal heart.  I have mild diabetes, moderate HBP, PVD, high cholesterol and other odd and assorted complaints.  Doc wants to put me on Beta blockers (says it will stop the PVC's and reduce the BP) but I'm refusing.  I'm so blasted medication sensitive that 1/4 of a 5 mg. Lisinopril tab (taken every morning for 4 days) drops my BP down to 113/32 (NOT a typo).  From doing my research and reading posts on different boards for PVC's, the Beta blockers are not something to be taken lightly.  Maybe someone here who takes them can comment, please??

Anyway, the PVC's are frightening and really do impact the quality of life ...........best thing I've found is to simply deal with them and take a low dose Valium (for the anxiety) when they get nasty.  These boards are a God-send though as just reading about the fact that many other folks are in the same boat helps to lessen the fear/anxiety.

Hang in there ------ it's not fun but CAN be dealt with!  God Bless!
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Love your nickname!!

I have been on/off beta blockers for years.  Tried acebutolol, tenornim, Inderal and maybe one other...I forget : )

I have the same problem as you describe...YIKES!!  I am only taking 2.5 mg of lisinopril because 5 mg/day was making me feel wobbly and shaky.  Took about 1 week to adjust from the dizziness.  Back to the beta blocker --- The Inderal made me a bit sleepy, but other than that, it was OK.  Everyone is different, so you may find another BB is preferable.  One thing, it definitely helped the pvcs.  

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Weeks ago I had posted questions here when I had terrible PVCs that would wake me up at night. At that time my doctor doubled my dose of Inderal, which helped a bit but caused lots of side effects including memory problems and disturbed sleep. I tapered off the Inderal very slowly and amazingly, the PVCs nearly disappeared! I used to be very anxious, too, and that disappeared largely after going off all medications. I have had terrible dependence problems in the past with benzodiazepines (basically, anything that ends with a "-pam" is a benzo), which caused me to go on Inderal in the first place as a non-benzo anxiolytic. I have since concluded that any sedative or beta blocker used to suppress natural emotions such as fear or anger is just a temporary fix, and comes back to bite you with a vengeance (in my case PVCs). I would highly recommend a good therapist (you might have to go through several since they all have different styles and levels of competence IMHO). For those of us with anxiety-based PVCs I really think that sedatives are not the answer and only makes things worse in the long run. Obviously beta blockers are necessary for some people depending on their situation but I really recommend you discuss the emotional aspects with your doctor as an alternative to life-long sedation. Just wanted to share my experience in case it might help someone avoid the pharmaco-hell I have gone through for the past 10 years.
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Thank you for your responses. I have found lately that deep "belly" breathing seems to put an end to my Palps. I only use a sedative when I can't control them through other means. I'm not a pill popper and hate taking any kind of medication. Maybe some of you who have PVCs could try this breathing. When you inhale push your tummy out. That lets the  air go deeper into your lungs instead of shallow breathing from the top of your chest. I do this for 5 to 10 minutes and it seems to help.

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Also they said my EF was 65 which is good! Forgot to add that...thanks...
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Hi everyone. I am 22 years old and have PVC's. I occasionally had em ( once a month ) until I got pregnant. I started having them all the time during pregnancy. The doctor told me that they would go away after delivery ..boy was he wrong. I do have them everyday but not as forceful. I was real anemic after my delivery from loss of blood and felt real crappy and my heart didn't feel as if it was beating right. I made an appointment with my primary care physician ( my husband is military and limited to who I can see and what can be done ) to see what was causing it and if I could have an echo to rule out anything. I had an echo done sept 12th and the woman who was doing my echo said that everyone had pvc's just some people are more sensitive to them than others...is this true? She also found that there was TRACE amount of tricuspid regurgitation and TRACE amount of aortic regurgitation..and also said that everyone has atleast two leaky valves..is this also true? Can this regurgitation be causing PVC's? I am having a stress test and another holter also next week. I worry everyday about this regurgitation, wether it will get worse or better im going crazy, and with a 2 month old..well you know. I told the doctor how much anxiety I have plus I think I have post partum depression...but no one will listen!! Thanks for letting me vent. Any input would greatly be appreciated!!!

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JasJas ---- Have tried that and it doesn't work for me but thanks for the suggestion ----- maybe it'll help someone else (one never knows).   Have you decided to try a weight loss program?  I am now doing aerobics 3 times per week (40 minutes each time) and can honestly say that I feel better physically.  I don't have a weight problem at 5'2" and 115# but I have found that even this small amount of concentrated exercise keeps my weight where it belongs and I can indulge myself without any weight gain.  Doesn't help the PVC's, however......... ;o)  Please let us know how your second Holter and echocardiogram come out ..... your wise to push for these tests as it's your body and your mind needs to be satisfied with the results.

wxci --- As for the Valium -------- it doesn't help the PVC's one bit but it does calm me down enough so that I'm not up-tight and can go about my daily routine without being totally conscious of the skipped beats.  It used to be that when they kicked up I would go into "frozen" mode and concentrate on them, but not now.  My Doc 'scribes them for me because he knows that a script for 30 tabs will last me for a year the way I take them.

Momto3 ---- Am happy to hear that a Beta blocker will tend to reduce (or eliminate) the PVC's and just may decide to give that a try.  I don't stay on meds for long (maybe a few days) if they give me ANY side effects at all as I, like you, am just too medication sensitive.  Thank goodness my Doc recognizes this aspect and is trying his best to find something that will work for both the HBP and the PVC's.  I'm just leery of Beta blockers from everything I've been able to read on them (but then, I'm leery of any/all medications anyway).

pms_barbie --- I know what your saying about the ER being unable to do a thing except hook you up to the machines, do blood work and then send you home.  Actually, it was an ER nurse who suggested the Valium to me as she also has skipped beats.  

God Bless you all.............

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First hello to everyone who suffers ..

I am a 42 year old woman who has had thyroid disease and asthma and I suffer from anxiety,  back in 2002I  developed
these "missed" beats , after echos and EKG's nothing showed , I quit smoking cold turkey because I was so afraid of these "missed beats " I was in the ER crying because then I felt like I had a lump in my throat and so on and the anxiety just spiraled .. FInally figuring out that I was Hyper now on the thyroid disease and not hypo anymore they treated me with "Atenolol" which didnt last because my asthma exacerbated .. now here we are 2 years later , my thyroid once again bordering on the high end of normal ( am on tapazole) and these palps are bad they came out of no where and the coffee I was drinking ( 4 - 5 cups ) gone...

I had a holter monitor 3 weeks ago and it showed double and tri PVC's ,but say they are not the 2 dangerous ones and they are finally treating me with "verapamil " and "Paxil" and I still have normal EKGS and a ultrasound , they saw these PVC's on the ultrasound and my bp is 125/80 my pulse is 78-84 , I actually ended up in the ER a few days ago because I had GERD so bad these PVC's didnt go away till the GERD subsided

1-will this ever go away ?
2-this only happens bad at night , I am not woken up but if I get up and try to sleep they start up
3-I heard that the thyroid can trigger these but can also have them when the thyroid is low
4-will this become dangerous ? I think this scares me the most
5-is it hereditary?

Thank you so much for your time

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I decided to keep a "diary" of every time I had palpitations and try and figure out some triggers. The main thing that kept coming up was seven days before my menstrual period I would have them like clock work for two days and also if stomach was upset due to a viral "bug" coming on. These were the two main themes. One lady said on here that she had lived with them so long that when she didn't get them so started thinking that something was actually wrong with her heart. I tried this and whenever I got them I convinced myself that it meant my heart was in good shape instead of having the anxiety overwhelm me and just shut down.  After 3 months of doing this I get them slightly but when I do I just end up having one and say to myself this is normal and they seem to go away instead of panicking and throwing myself into a whole series of them. I know this probably won't work for most but just my experience. Take Care.
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