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Dear doctor,
thank you so much for your help. I am 36, female and have had PVCs since I was about 18.
In the past I only would get a few PVCs a day. During a stressful move 2 years ago the PVCs got bad and the doctor prescribed Metropolol. After taking it for 2 months I became very ill from the Betablocker, couldn't breathe, started having panik attacks and was shaky all the time.I was taken off the BB and developed clinical depression. The PVCs had been better during the time I took the BB.Then I had to take an antidepressant because of the depression.
I am very sensitive to medication, because the antidepressant caused me to have diarrhea and I couldn't sleep. I was on the medication for 9 months. While taking the antidepressant I developed frequent PVCs (1000 a day) which have stayed with me now for 1 1/2 years. I am trying to figure out how to find the trigger for my PVCs.I don't smoke, don't drink, don't have any caffeine, try to avoid sugar and eat right.
I have all the test, Echo, Nuklear stress test, 48 hour holter, treadmill test, blood tests etc. which are all normal.
I had a short run of PSVT of probably 10 fast beats, which I get maybe 3 or 4 times a year with no feelings of lightheadedness.
I was told I don't need to take meds,which is I am very happy about. At them moment I dont' take any medication.
1. Could the Antidepressant have caused me to develop the constant PVCs?
2. Are there any other triggers that I have not looked at?
3. What about pregnancy, am I at risk?
4. Is ablation an option since I only have 1000 PVCs a day or what else can I do?
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Hi Anjakarena,

1. Could the Antidepressant have caused me to develop the constant PVCs?

We don't know what really causes them yet.  If the medication caused them, it should have decreased or stopped when you stopped the medication.

2. Are there any other triggers that I have not looked at?

Not that i know of.  Don't beat yourself up over this.  Some people get PVCs and others do not.  Some people, unfortunately like yourself, can tell every time they have them and they cause symptoms.  

3. What about pregnancy, am I at risk?

In  some people, pregnancy makes them worse, others not.  Importantly, you baby will not be at risk becuase of your PVCs.

4. Is ablation an option since I only have 1000 PVCs a day or what else can I do?

Most doctors would not do an ablation for 1000 pvcs/day unless you were debilitated from them.  There are significant risks of ablations.  Because PVCs are not a condition that will kill you or physically harm you, it is tough to accept the risk of a significant strok in someone so young for this condition.

I hope this helps a little, but am sure it isn't what  you want to hear.

Good luck.
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Sorry I forgot to mention that I use Flonase and Flovent for Allergies and mild Asthma. I ment I don't take meds for my PVCs when I said I don't take any medication.
Thank you
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Although I may not know the answer to your questions, and I apologize for that, I can give you some words of encouragement. I am a 24 year old female and I have had PSVT since I was a young teen. I had my first palpitation, PVC's, when I was in the fourth grade. To this day, I have PVCS daily. I have runs of PSVT about once a month. I'm taking verapamil 240mg. I don't have any kids and would like some. I understand your conern. I'm in the same situation and I was waiting to post a similar question (ablation, pregnancy). I'm so glad you were able to post, maybe we can get answers together.
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Hi - I could have written your post - I've never tried any meds though. Just wanted to let you know that I am 33, have had PVCs and PSVT for 10 years, I also had a baby 12 months ago.  My PVCs did flare up during pregnancy, especially in my 3rd trimester and I had a short run of PSVT which I went to hospital for but everything turned out ok.  The good news for me was that breastfeeding totally eliminated my pvcs (so I breastfed for a year). Maybe because I was not ovulating as much when I breastfed and therefore did not have the usual hormone cycling. whatever the reason, it was heaven.  Now that I am weaning the PVCs are slowly coming back unfortunately but nothing like they were in the past.
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I had ablation done by Dr. Fred Morady at University of Michigan Hospital about 5 years ago for A-Fib.
Recently I've been getting PVC's and had a short run of v-tach. All the tests turn out fine and it is assumed that the V-tach was not originating in the ventricles. My cardiologist said to take 100 mg. a day of atenolol instead of the 50 mg.This made my PVC's more intense. I have been reducing my dosage over the past month to where I am now taking about 12.5 mg, about one fourth of a 50mg.pill.
My PVC's are more common but noticably milder when I experience them. I'm of the mind that my Vagus nerve is at the root of my PVC"s.
Before my ablation I could induce arrythmias just by swallowing carbonated beverages as they passed down to my stomach. I even demonstrated this to an emergency room Doctor to confirm that what I was feeling and what the EKG was showing was indeed not artifact.The doctor was intrigued by what he observed and sent me to U of M where I could not recreate the phenomena.
However ,I do note that I usually have upper chest gas when I get PVC's and often burp minutes after which erases the PVC's.
How do I desensitize my Vagus nerve?
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I had all my test come back normal, but my heart rate drops to 48-50bpm then goes up to 100-140bpm. It's all over the place and skipping beats to. I feel more of the skipped beats when it's low.I am not on any medications. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this?
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