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Pain In Left Arm

Hi, I'm just wondering would anyone be able to advise me... I have a pain in my left arm, its not the first time ive had it but this time its lasting a couple of weeks.. Its like as people would say years ago, a growing pain..It starts up in my shoulder and down my whole arm,Its more of an ache then a pain. Sometimes it goes into the top of my chest and around into the top of my back, near the shoulder blade...

I'm worried about my heart as heart disease runs in my family. I have had an ecg and a various tests done on my heart and had it monitered for 2 days in hospital. I'm hoping its nothing to do with my heart but that fact that sometimes after eating or maybe just lying down i get palpatations, i'm worried that it could be my heart...

A few weeks ago i lay on the bed but did so in an awkward position and it seemed to hurt my shoulder and back on my left hand side, would the pain be coming from this...I also work at a computer all day and it might not help my back if its a muscle problem...Can anyone advise please...
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Its difficult to specifically advise you without knowing the specifics of your case. Overall, your symptoms sound a little atypical. If you were someone of young age with few risk factors, I probably wouldnt be too agressive looking at a cardiac cause. If however you were older with diabetes or hypertension then I would be more aggressive. The best thing you can do is discuss your symptoms with your physician. Good luck
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An achy left arm and numbness in my hand were my symptoms. Because of a family history of heart problems, the Dr. ordered a nuclear stress test which indicated a possible blockage. A cath confirmed and I was in for bypass surgery the next day.

I was 47 at the time, a smoker, and a heart attack waiting to happen according to the Cardiologist. You should have it checked out.
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Hi..are you in Uk by chance? Just that you said ecg..
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Hi, I live in Ireland. I'm 27 & 10 stone in weight and i got the all clear in all the tests that were completed 12 months ago.

My father died suddenly on the 30.12.05 of ventricular arrhythmia, so i suppose i worry about the slightest thing.

I'm afraid to go back to my doctor as i think he thinks that i am looking for something to be wrong with me...and he just won't be bothered doing any tests anyway.

Thanks for replying to me.
Best Regards.
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I should think it would be reasonable to go to a doctor to look for non-cardiac causes for your pain.  For example, I've had bursitis of the shoulder, and it often gave me a "growing" or spreading pain very similar to what you describe.  The solution for that one was easier--a couple of months of physical therapy.  Surely, your doc could check out the function of your shoulder and back.
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I have had chest pains on and off for almost 2 months but just over the last week, I have had horrible pains starting in my shoulder and shooting down my left arm to my fingertips.  The doctors have done all the test, EKG, nuclear stress test, ct scan, chest x-ray and found nothing in my heart.  I'm still scared its my heart.  I have had a lot of indigestion and anxiety as well.  I am a new mother of a 5 1/2 month old and am 25.  No heart disease history, good BP and cholesterol.  I am having these awful pains in left arm and neck.  I have an appt. with cardiologist this Friday and I'm wondering if I should go.  I went to the chiropractor today and he said I have a pinched nerve but I'm still scared its my heart.  What do you think?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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