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Pain In Side / Weakness In Arm

Posted By Harry M. on April 14, 1999 at 14:31:32
I am in need of an opinion.  I am 30 years old, never had a problem with my heart or high blood pressure.  My cholesterol has tested high in the past and I have been undergoing a lifestyle change to correct that.  Last test it was 225, but had been as high as 270 before that.  I exercise fairly regularly and have never had any difficulties while doing so.  In the last week, after exercising, I developed a sharp stabbing pain in my left side from the center of my rib cage down.  It went away shortly so I did not worry too much about it -- I thought I might have pulled a muscle or just had some gas.  However, it was returning without any apparent cause - no exercise or eating or anything, and it was accompanied by a feeling of weakness in my left arm, almost like fatigue.  I went for my annual physical soon after, and my blood tests and ECG all came back normal.  Other than my cholesterol, the doctor could not find anything wrong with me.  I explained the symptoms to him and he thinks it may be stomach-related or perhaps stress, but it is definitely not a cardiac problem.  I have searched your site pretty extensively, and it would seem to me that these symptoms are not heart-related, but never having had a problem (knock wood) I am not sure.  Does this sound like something that could be some underlying heart problem?  My doctor felt that it was not necessary to run a stress test given my age and recent exam.  Thanks!

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