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Pain after heart bypass surgery

Six weeks ago, my husband underwent heart bypass surgery and ended up having 6 bypasses.  He feels great with the exception discomfort especially around his incision. He still relies on pain medication during the day and at night. He can't get into a comfortable position in order to get a good nights sleep.  He has been walking a mile and a half since the third week, and keeping daily activities to a minimal, i.e. not lifting, etc.  Should I be concerned that he is still experiencing pain?

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Don't be concerned.  Pain in that area is not uncommon at all.  My incision pain lasted several months and my wife's even longer.  It sounds like he's doing great.  Good uck to him.
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my husband is recovering  from bypass surgery  five weeks on,feeling good but has a lot of tenderness in chest and soreness in top of his leg where vein was taken.Thinking of you and wishing you both well at this difficult time
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Hi. Thank you for the note. It has been about 10 weeks since my husband's surgery and I think he is finally back to normal. He is doing alot better, no more pain, and is walking long distances every day. I was really worried for awhile afterwards. It is so hard seeing your loved one like this, but I thank God everyday that he is still here. Hope everything turns out great for you. If you have any questions, or just need someone to help you through, let me know.
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Hi.Thanks for your note and good wishes.Thankfully my husband is feeling very good for past two days,soreness in leg has gone and walking more easily now.He seems to have turned a corner in his recovery.Iike yourself i thank God  for this second chance for him.You are in my thoughts and prayers.Stay positive.
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