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Pain left side of chest

As long as i can remember i have had pain in the left side of my chest and get a cramp in the left side of my jaw.  What is this and what type of doctor should i see, is it serious?  Lately it has been more intense lasting all day usely,  I exercise regularly. Im confused please help 31 year old male, 6'1 195 lbs and i smoke.  I also recently was laid off and don't have insurance at the time is this something i can put off for a few months until my new inssurance kicks in?
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Have you mentioned it to a doctor at all over the years? You said "as long as I can remember."  I thought a doctor may have given you some input by now.

Muscle strains can cause pain to radiate. I've done that recently with my left arm and shoulder. The pain radiates up to my jaw, teeth and ear. Feels pretty rotten. But when I realized what I was doing (leaning on the left arm of the recliner while reading) and stopped, the pain went away in a few days.

The fact that it's been going on for quite awhile, doesn't seem to be getting worse tells me it's probably not urgent. But only a doctor can diagnose this accurately.
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Its something that come and goes probaly like you say sleep wrong and what have you.  I do fall asleep sometimes with my hand on my chest.  I did some reading last night and believe i just have cartiledge damage.  Had x rays on ribs less than a year ago ,  they found two breaks but on opposite side.  Thanx for the input.
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