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Palpitaions/flutter/SOB & going Under

I am a 31 yr old female and have been experiencing palpitaions, flutters, Shortness of breath for about 6-7yrs now.. my first horrible experience happened when i had bent over to pick up something from the floor while standing, and as i came back up my heart went buckwild like it was trying to jump out of my chest!!!!!! Then after that first experience i stareted w/ the palpitaions/fluttering/SOB... also stopped drinking my cappachinos, felt as if my heart either slowed down but i blacked out like i was about to pass out but didn't exactly fall to the floor... so i went for a annual PAP that yr and my GYN had asked if i had and ?s for him, so i told him, he stopped my birth control ordered labs, like thyroid labs, and also had me wear a holter monitor, well thyroid came back he said "not to bad that he wasn't concerned" but my heart rate was high of 130 w/ no activity and at times of low 30s w/ also me having no activity.. well never saw a cardiologist.. until last yr finally saw found a PCP and he did labs.. found out i was anemic, he started me on iron twice daily, and thyroid is normal but my right side of thyroid has a begnin nodule (obvious i have a growth).... and ordered EKG and an ECHO, which he says came back normal, he referred me to a cardiologist since i still was concerned... so of course this DR said i was too young to have a heart condition, he did another EKG, which would make it my 3rd, and once again it came back normal, and he listened to my heart he said sounds like i have a heart murmur... but nothing to be concerned about.. explained to him what i experienced tho, and what my Dr 6yrs had told me , he says well if u want we can do it again a holter monitor for 24hrs, well never went back, then went back to my PCP he says i dont have a heart murmur sounds he might b hearing, something about my iron deficiency and the blood rushing thru.. i dont know... well now im planning to go under anesthesia for plastic surgery, breast enhancement, should i be worried going under? Because i am scared but been wanting this... alot of my fellow nurses have first diagnosed me hypothyroid, had gained 30lbs but have lost it, and labs proved i was ok, then other nurses have diagnosed me AFIB... and blame the birth control i was taking then did this to my heart... havnt been on BC since my GYN took me off of it 6yrs ago... biggest concern tho is going under anesthesia and i may b afib and not waking up from this cosmetic surgery!?!? feedback greatly appreciated
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

As repeated ECGs, ECHOs and holter monitoring did not reveal anything significant, it's unlikely that you have a cardiac disorder. It could be a flow murmur, due to anemia. You will be subjected to a pre anesthetic assessment prior to surgery, so any atrial fibrillations, which you are worried about and any other contraindications to anesthesia or surgery will be assessed.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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