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Palpitation even after PM setting

Heart rate
39 minimum, 59 average, 106 maximum , 4 beats in tachycardia(>=100 bpm) <1% total , 53160 beats in bradycardia(<=60 bpm) 63% total , 2.3 second Max R-R.

Ventriculars (V,F,E,I}
439 isolated, 4 couplets, 0 bigeminal cycles, 2 runs totalling 8 beats, 5 beats longest run 102 bpm 06:14:33 15 September , 5 beats fastest run 102 bpm 06:14:33 15 september.

Supraventriculars (S,J,A)
63 isolated, 14 couplets, 0 bigeminal cycles, 2 runs totalling 15 beats , 11 beats longest run 60 bpm 14:41:29 14 sep , 4 beats fastest run 144 bpm 23:25:12 14 sep

24 hrs holter monitoring revealed a basic sinus rhythm with prolonged episide of sinus bradycardia, the max HR is 106 bpm & min HR is 39 bpm, very few ventricular ectopics and supraventricular ectopics were noted, maximum RR pause 2.3 sec, no significant changes was seen.

Now the problem is i received my first Dual chamber  Pacemaker Medtronic (DDDR} ,lower rate 60 ppm , upper tracking rate 130 ppm, upper sensor rate 130 ppm , ADL rate 115 ppm , after two weeks i started have palpitation whenever i walk or do any type of work but the palpitation stops when i am in resting position, i was prescribed bisoprolol 5mg one in the morning and 2,5 mg at night.But the palpitation still continues.
After a month my Doc decided to adjust the setting of my PM
from DDDR mode to VVI mode with lower rate of 60 ppm, upper sensor rate 130 ppm, ADL rate 115 ppm , ventricular refractory 230 ms. but now i started to develop palpitation even when my body is at resting position. Can any experienced people out their help me.
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