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Palpitations cause anxiety (or other way around)

I'm one of those people who thinks a pulse rate s/b 72..Whenever I get episodes of rapid heart beat, its usually between 80-100, and i feel it all the time as anxiety sets in..Then, when my pulse goes back into a normal rhythm, it's like the anxiety is lifted and i feel better...Sometimes the Valsalva (spelling?) techniques stop them, sometimes not..I wonder if the anxiety causes palpitations, or if palpitations cause anxiety... I've had the entire workup, though its been 3 years (echo, Holter, event), all was normal on those studies and i have blood work done annually, and lipids are good, as is glucose levels...Cardio CRP levels have always been normal to..

1. What would be the benefits/risks of taking a beta blocker?.....I would give anything, even that winning lottery ticket from last weeks Megamillions IF!!! i would have had it, to make these palpitations go away....Can a person have palpiations/rapid heart beat for an entire life?...
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Based on information you provided, it appears the palpitations you experience are not pathological rhythms -- I assume that the holter and event monitors were recording during a period you actually felt the symptoms.  You also appear to have low cadiovascular risk markers (CRP, lipids, A1c).  

I have a couple of thoughts -- did you have a thyroid level checked?  Also, how about sleep apnea testing?

If all of the above were normal, it would be reasonable to try a long acting beta blocker (such as propranolol) or calcium channel blocker (verapamil).  
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I forgot to mention some alternative/nutritional therapies -- I have seen and heard good results from magnesium and/or taurine tablets.  
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"I have a couple of thoughts -- did you have a thyroid level checked?  Also, how about sleep apnea testing?"

No to both....When my blood work is checked annually, it is a lipid panel, complete metabolic profile, & CBC, is a thyroid level a part of that panel?...
Who does a sleep apnea test  - a cardiologist, or another specialist?...

The Holter monitor picked up some beats that weren't of any concern (so said the MD) and the Event picked up "what appeared to be parosysmal atrial tachcardia" but cardiologist wasn't concerned...A different MD read the Holter and Echo....The only thing on the echo was "trace mitral regiugation"..EF was 60-65%, and the final echo summary read "normal left ventricular size and function"...

I drink alot of caffeine (Coke classic, 8 cans a day for last 15 years so that probably doesn't help)...My weight is normal and im very active
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