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Palpitations literally almost every moment of the day and night for over a week?

ive been having palpitations for over a week pretty much non stop during the day and night while sitting up at the computer or while laying down going to bed and waking up..my heart rate is pretty much normal anywhere from 70-95 maybe occasionally goes to 100 very rare..i dont feel any irregular beat or any skipped or extra beats its just steady palpitations im 21 male..before these started like this i had chest pain and occasional palpitations in the last month or 2 ive had several ekgs,chest xrays,blood tests,24 hour halter monitor,echocardiograhm and heart stress test all came back normal..normally i wouldnt be scared about palpitations but whats bothering me is that there non stop all day and night thats what got me worried and i cant get to the dr till mon cause hes away and the person covering dont accept my insurance do you think i should have anything to worry about considering all those tests were clear it just scares me that there non stop
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man I had similar number of tests and everything normal. I ended up with v-tac. I would get them to have you wear the monitoring longer and also check your diet.
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When you say palpitation do you just mean feeling a racing heart?  Because up to 100 is a normal heart rate.  A little on the high end but still normal.
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it very rarely goes up that high what i mean by palpitation is pounding heart just feeling it beat and aware of my heart beat even though it doesnt really race and like i said i dont notice any extra or skipped beats
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I had this a few months ago. I felt like my heart was beating really really hard all the time, literally pounding from the moment I woke up. Not fast but just forceful, as if it was working really hard. The same way your heart pounds when exercising but not as fast. The doctor suggested it was anxiety  but I was adamant that I was not anxious and it was a a real physical sensation of pounding that I couldn't ignore.
I had a cardio appointment for another issue and he also said it was usually anxiety that makes one acutely aware of the heart so that it seems more forceful than normal. In reality the heart `does beat forcefully it's just that the body is conditioned to ignore this sensation. However when anxious you begin to notice it rather than tuning it out. Again I protested that I definitely was not anxious. He did an echo there and then and a stress test which were normal. I woke up the next  morning and my heart wasn't pounding anymore. I guess in my case, it must have been subconscious anxiety after all.  
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thats pretty much how i feel for months ive been having chest pain thats why i had all the tests and everythign came back fine but still i had chest pain so everyone telling me its anxiety and depression before the chest pain i had palpitations for awhile mostly at night and waking up..then those stop and the pain started..so i have been dealing with the pain and i was going to go to my dr next week to see what else we could try then all the sudden out the clear blue nothing triggering it palpitations started last week and havnt let up since they have been non stop and at first i was toughing it out but now its gotten to me which proably has made it worse but it just cares me to have these feelings non stop like ive said if it were just episodes i wouldnt be as worried
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Maybe  your doctor will prescribe you a beta blocker to relieve your symptoms. These make the heart beat less forcefully.
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