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Hello Doctor.  I am a 33 yo male who been suffering from pvs/pac's for about three years.  After several doctor/specialists visits including all tests under the sun, it was determined that nothing was wrong with my heart.  The tests included the event monitors/stress test/x-ray/blood work etc. and all was good.  Cardiologist initially prescribed digitek for the palps.  My pcp thought this was an odd choice of medication as it is a "major" heart drug according to my pcp, although it seemed to work, it made me nervous and i stopped.  I am now on metoprolol 25mg once a day.  This medication however, doesn't seem to do too much.  My father passed from heart disease/diabetes at the young age of 67.  Although we are opposites in that I exercise, try to eat well and dont smoke.  In conjuntion with the palps, I was getting slight pain on my heart area when I jogged then after a few minutes in, it stop.  Since ive been on metoprolol, while running i dont get pain anymore.  Not sure if this is related.  Questions are, is digitek bad for me to take FOR JUST PALPS; Is the metoprolol working and i dont know it; Should I get more tests, i am not 100% certain that I am ok.  My dr thinks anxiety is taking a TOLL. Help.
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is digitek bad for me to take FOR JUST PALPS?

It probably isn't bad, but I agree it is a strange choice for a structurally normal heart.  Metoprolol (beta blockers) are the standard of care for decreasing symptoms associated with PVCs.  Beta blockers usually do not decrease PVCs through.

Is the metoprolol working and i dont know it;

It is hard to say.  I have patients have decreased, increased and no change in symptoms from beta blockers. It depends on the person.

Should I get more tests, i am not 100% certain that I am ok. My dr thinks anxiety is taking a TOLL.

Anxiety is probably not causing the PVCs but certainly may be affecting how you view them.  PVCs in a normal heart do not cause sudden cardiac death and this is the most common concern I hear in people very worried about PVCs.  I know it is hard to change that mind set, but that is probably what is affecting your quality of life the most.

good luck and thanks for posting.
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first of all, interesting name, hope you dont mean you want to be in code blue..

i am in the same situation pretty much as you are, i am 30 m..been dealing with mine for 3 years also, all the test. labled palps, pvcs, and ANXIETY! i think that is for most of us in here!

i am on 25 mg atenolol, it does pretty good, make me tired and slow rate and Bp. I am always aware of every heart beat, never used to be until that day three years ago when went to ER for tachycardia. since then HELL..try to live with it now, i am like well it hasnt killed me and beedn trough alot of syomptoms so must have a strong heart that is just sensitive.

i think you are in the same boat, ANXIETY. i would like to get of the atenolol and hope to but i take a pill with me just in case of a bad episode then within 10-15 mins heart goes back to normal. Anxiety yeah I know.

hang in there, you had all the tests, yes i know they can miss things etc, its good your questioning your tests etc,

just remember they went to school for things like this, see patients like us all the time. so relax, enjoy life and let the heart beat what ever way it wants to..

hope you never go into Colde Blue

take care
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I had PAC's for years.  Beta blockers really didn't help much.  I certainly wouldn't be on an anti-arrythmic unless very symptomatic.

If you had echo, stress test, etc. and things are normal I wouldn't worry about the slight pain in chest; especially if it goes away in just a few mintues. Sometimes "pains" are muscular or related to tension.  The fact it goes away after a few minutes probably is just a warm-up reaction; especially at age 33.

If the beta blocker doesn't work, I would go off of it.

How often do you get PAC's?  I found they tend to ebb and flow when I had them.  Sometimes they would come in waves and then settle down quite a bit.  Read previous post below on how I got rid of them altogether.

The biggest problem is the psychological stress.  We are obviously heart sensitive.  I know it took me about 2 years to deal with them, and not freak out when I had them.  But they can be uncomfortable and cause panic.

Most of the time there are triggers.  I would find out what those triggers are for you and then try to eliminate them.  Not a cure however.  This will just make them more bearable.  Do you have an anxiety issue?  Anxiety (Stress) is probably the biggest cause.

Good luck.
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i think im having what all of you guys are explaining (PVC).  Im 27 and been having this problem for about 2 years.  I have been to the doctor and like most have had every test done and everything is coming back normal. i usually have them (PVC) at night time when im tired laying in a certain position.  They typicaly go away after about 3-5 minutes.  but at that point i get extremely nervous to the point of a panic attact.  
    The feeling i get is a normal heart beat and then all of a sudden i get an extra beat that pounds realy hard.  it usually does this for a few minutes then goes away.  It also occurrs sometimes when i get up fast.  

   Does this sound like everyone elses symptoms and should i have any worries?  Anyone know if this condition has any long term effects?
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I would like to know how many of you get symptoms, such as chest pressure, light headed or sob?
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ive been having them real bad as of late.

the symptoms i get are..it feels like my heart stops for a sec (sometimes it feels like 5 sec) then when the next beat finally comes, its sometimes a hard one that makes me take a deep breath like i got punched or something.

it freaks me out when it happens. but when i get them in "sperts" ( a bunch at once, or in  a row) i realy start to panic.
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