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I am really worried.  I have palpitations daily but nothing like I had last night.  I have been checked out by a cariologist and they say nothing is wrong with my heart other than skipped beats. I was feeling really anxious when this happened.  

I was watching TV feeling anxious thinking about my heart when it skipped a beat.  It then skipped again the next minute and then again.  This happened every minute for so for 5 minutes.

I have a stethascope and I went to get it and laid back down on the couch.  I listened to it skip every other beat for 10 minutes!  It would beat normal, then do a little skip then a hard one.  I counted it 30 times per minute.  This went on for 10 minutes until I stood up.

I started to calm down and just laid there and listed to it skip.  I was going to get my husband to take me to the hospital but it seemed to stop and go back to its normal beating after 10 minutes.  Needless to say I slept in my clothes because I was so worried it would do it during the night and I would have to go to emergency.

Could an anxiety or panic attack bring this on for it to continue skipping like that every other beat for 10 minutes even after I had calmed down?  I am just absolutely horrified!  Now I see the single skips are not big deal compared to what happened to me last night with this irregular rythum for 10 full minutes.
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thanks for the post.

Everything really depends on what has been discovered in your previous evaluation.  

Overall, from what you state, it really sounds like the familiar situation many of the other posters have suffered from with their PACs and PVCs. Many people see a wax and wane and even a frank change in the quality of their symptoms over time.

I realize it can be quite scary though. Sometimes, dealing with the underlying anxiety issues associated with palpitations can be more effective than actually treating the palipitations.

good luck
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When I had PVCs real bad this would happen several times a day all day long for weeks, a PVC every other beat(bigeminy)It's the nastiest feeling of all. I was checked while having them by cardiologist  and he told me not worry, they'd probably come and go like that all my life. Its been over 5 years since my last bad episode. I rarely have them anymore, maybe its the atenolol and cozaar I take to control hypertension.Hope you feel better soon. I know how distressing this can be.
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I can't imagine this happening again!  It was the nastiest feeling I have ever had.  I thought for sure I was a goner!  I don't think I can go through another bout of those.
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I'm a professional athlete and i know that my left ventricul is very little dilated (it disappears when i have one month rest). Do i still have a structurally normal heart with this?  And are my pvc's still benign?
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I've actually been in the doctor's office in bigeminy and her comment was, "it's only bigeminy."  Don't worry - you may never find a reason.  These pesky skips appear and disappear at the strangest times, often for no reason whatsoever.  

There was a time when I pretty much lived in bigeminy.  Seriously, with a structually normal heart, it's really no more significant than single skips.  Not to worry.
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Have you been checked out by a cardio?  If so, is he/she the one that told you about the slightly enlarged ventricle?  With a doctor's stamp of approval, I wouldn't let it worry you.  Just another of life's mysteries : )
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The best thing to do is go to a cardiologist and get a heart work up done.

Because the most frequent response you'll here on this forum and others is that with a structurally normal heart - PVC's/PAC's (skipped beats, including Bigeminy) are all harmless.

It's not that you will feel a total reflief right away, but it will be the facts that you will always be able to revert to, when in doubt...

There were some pretty good responses from another doctor in a recent post of mine:

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Hey everyone! I've been observing this forum for a long time, but I can't ever seem to get through to post a new question, so I thought I'd just ask the rest of you: do all of your palpitations feel like strong beats, or could they feel different as well? I get strange intermittent sensations in the center of my chest, but instead of feeling like my heart is pounding, they feel like my heart is contracting, or pushing inward, if that makes sense.
     I did have an echo, EKG and holter in August, but back then I was feeling just general chest tightness, not palpitations. I have been diagnosed with GAD, which mostly manifests itself in health anxiety. I am not currently taking meds, but I am planning on starting on Zoloft or Lexapro within the month. My cardio did say I might have MVP, but the tests weren't conclusive. The palpitations come most frequently when I am walking outside. They started during a week of extremely cold weather, but the last two days have been warmer and they are still happening. They occasionally happen inside or when I am at rest as well. I would say I get between 5-10 a day, and frequently a few of those will come shortly after the others, i.e I get three walking to one class, two walking back, and one randomly when I'm reading in my dorm ( I'm a female approaching my 20th birthday, by the way). Sometimes they come when I am not thinking about them, or worrying about anything at all, which makes me doubtful when people tell me it is probably anxiety.
     Any advice or reassurance would be greatly appreciated! Reading this forum has been very comforting to me so far!
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There are a lot of theories that we all have...

But, again, the general statement from the medical community seems to be that if your heart is otherwise healthy - the skipped beats are harmless...

Very frequent PVC's can lead to Cardio Myopathy in rare cases - we're talking like 20,000+ daily.

Most people have skipped beats and just don't notice or pay attention to it.

I have some health anxiety as well. And when this is the case, as soon as you notice one odd beat - your mind is in tune to most of them.

The possibility exists that you may have always had what you feel, just that your noticing them now because you happened to catch one and didn't mistake it for something else.

The medical community also states that anxiety can induce the skipped beats, but doesn't clearly indicate why. There are many possible triggers for them but anxiety is said to be one of the more popular ones, especially considering that most of us become anxious when we feel them.

Consider the fact that some skips feel mild while others feel forcful.  It's possible that this is due to the timing of the skipped beat and maybe even if your anxious or panicky at the time of the skipped beat.

Also, stress hormones may gather up, which may explain why some of these happen out of the blue...

Again, some of this is just theory.

But all the Dr.'s seem to say the same thing. If your heart is healthy, your really at no more risk for anything bad, than anyone else with a healthy heart.

Hope you found this helpful.
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It sounds like you know a lot about hearts!  Are you a doctor by chance?

So you don't think a person should worry when they are feeling anxious and they get one skip after another for 5 minutes or so?  I will get one skip then get panicky and I think it sets it up for another and another.
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Of course some people, like myself, are not so much bothered by the forceful compensatory beat as they are by the PVC itself.  In my case, even though it is pumping less blood, the PVC itself has a all sorts of sensations, ranging from an abrupt kick in the chest to a painful ripping feeling.
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Can someone just explain why (how?) these won't kill me?  I had a rough week with these things.  Such hard and forceful ones.  They suck.  This is the worst week I've ever had, and I still probably only get about 20 per day.  They are so unnerving b/c they had almost gone away, I was feeling like 2 or 3 a day.  Now I am feeling 20 per day.  Why do they happen?  Why do they wax and wane?  I am only 35 and I am really afraid to get too active, if you know what I mean! I was a wild child before and now I am like an old person!
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