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Does anyone get palpitations worse when they are tired?  I was really tired yesterday and my heart skipped probably once every 20 minutes or so.  I am scared again.  

Do others feel it like a kick in the chest and then a rush up to your head thru the left hand side of your neck?  I also get the rush feeling to my hands.  It actually feels like it stops and then kicks me and then starts again.

I need reassurance!
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Fatigue is one of the most common triggers, along with caffeine, stress, hormones (both women and men), certain medications, etc.
When I'm really tired, I usually go into bigeminy, that's one skip every other heart beat and have runs of them.
After a good nights sleep, they usually revert to their normal pattern.
Remember, the more you stress about them, usually, the more you'll have. Everyone walking this earth has them from one degree to another. Our curse is that we can actually feel them.

Best wishes.
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Forgot to add; I get the rushes in my head, hands, and stomach and the kick in the chest feeling too. Usually they happen when I have a longer pause between the beats. If you read through some of the archives, you'll be amazed at how many people have the same symptoms!

Be well
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Hi Celete.  Makes me feel a bit better I guess.  I haven't had any today but I am just waiting for it to happen.  How pathetic huh.

Do you have a clean bill of health about your heart?  Mine is apparently fine they say.  I find that hard to believe.
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Not pathetic at all. I still find myself waiting for them to start up some days...
I get this full feeling in my chest right before they start up and I still have days that I get abit anxious from them. After 23 years,  I guess I'm just trying to make peace with them, albeit, I still hate them with a passion.

This last year has taught me alot about perseverance. Even in bigeminy, I've gone running, water skiing, hiking, made love, and tried to live my life as much as I can.
The way I look at it now is, I can be living housebound, scared out of my wits, missing out on everything I love and neglecting those that love me and still drop dead. I've chosen the alternative.

Yes about the clean bill of health. I've had EKG's, stress/echo's, bloodwork, every 6 to 12 months for the last 3 years and periodically before then, but, I have hemochromatosis, so my chances of developing CAD or having CHF are tripled.

Wishing you a palp free day,

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My doctor told me all those "rush up", chest tight, big thumps, dizziness and SOB is related to Menopause.  I think I've to bring them with me until my last breath!
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