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Also, could pregnancy intensify this?

I found hormones to play a role in the thumps and bumps. More during pregnancy, certain times of my cycle, and oh boy, during peri-M...  

As for the CT, maybe you and your doctor could discuss the difference between the tests you've already had and what the CAT could offer.

Has your doctor menitoned an "event" monitor?  This type of monitor is generally worn for 30 days and you can record heart activity when you feel "weird" sensations.  When you wore the holter, did you have any of the strange sensations?  If not, this is where the event monitor might be helpful. Just a thought.

Good luck!

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A palpitation is awareness of the heartbeat. It could feel too fast, too slow, too strong irregular rhythm, whatever.

If you experienced sensations during the tests and nothing registered, it is not likely your heart.
People say hormones effect their PVCs, though you have not registered any PVCs, it may effect perception of the strength of the beat as well.

If you feel further testing is warranted then I suppose it could be worth the investment to ease your mind. If, however, you feel predisposed to dismiss a clear result from the CAT scan, you may want to think about it before making the investment.

Stress is also a factor. The level of fear you have, contrasted with your good test results, should at least open your mind to the possibility of anxiety being the cause.

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I just saw your post under "Palpitations" on the other board!  Thank you so much for the kind words.  I know what you mean about diplomacy -- I've definitely had my moments :)  (or lack thereof...lol)

I agree that there is a time when most, if not all of us, will come to terms with the blasted things. It is a very individual thing, I suppose.

I had an "episode" over the weekend that set me back a little --Had to remind myself, no BIG deal :) I wasn't feeling well and when I get dehydrated, here come the palps and the pvcs...UGH! My heart murmur was so loud I was a little worried. I mentioned to the doctor that I have my very own "swoosh."  

Thanks again!  Have a great day!
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