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Palps/Bending over

Does anyone know why bending over at the waist brings on PACs or PVCs?  Seems like almost every time I bend over to pick up something off the floor I get a burst of PACs when I stand up.  It is freaking me out.  Also happens if I sit or lay down too quickly.  Please help.
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It's very common but I don't know the reason.  Hopefully someone else will.
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its because of the change in blood flow and volume in your body... When standing up the heart has to work harder to pump the blood throughout the body, when you bend over, the upper body is at or below the heart level, so gravity does the work for the heart in this case., and bending also bends the blood vessels inside your body, so there is more blood in the lower part of the body. When you stand up, gravity becomes the enemy, and is pulling the blood towards the lower parts of your body, and your heart has to pump harder to move the blood through the vessels.. It sounds complicated but its a simple concept. This is also why people have increased pvc's after eating. Blood flows to the stomach and intestines to help with digestion, this shift in blood flow has an effect on the heart, making it work harder, which is why some people experience pvc's during this time.. Alot of these questions have already been addressed.. If you want to take some time and look through the archives, you might learn alot.
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Why did it take 35 years for this to start happening?
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Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.  I get that "flip flop" feeling of the heart too when bending over.  Not always, but frequently.
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Who knows why, finetilthree.  Most of us never know why our palpitations begin or flare up.

My grandpa who is in such great shape that he still bikes 60 miles a day is 80 years old.  He started having PVCs for the first time in his life last year.  They did a cath and every test they could think of any found absolutely nothing.

Seems to largely be a mystery for most of us.  Frustrating for sure.  How old are you?  Hormonal changes and menopause seem to trigger them sometimes.  Mine can go crazy during PMS.
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I am 35 years old and this started 8 months ago after I had my third child. Now it happens every single day and I am just at the end of my rope.  I want my old life back and I am completely at the freakin end of my rope.  I want to be able to run with my kids and fall down playing in the grass with my kids and run with them on my back and chase them up the stairs screaming to their bedrooms and just feel normal.  I feel like my life is ruined.  Everything I once enjoyed is over.
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