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Palps from Chriopractic work?

I do have another post that I just put out there, but I wanted to have 2 seperate ones.  I started having palpitations the day after I went to the chriopractor.  He worked on my back quite a bit, and did some realignments.  Anyone think that something the chiro did could have cause my pvcs?
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Seems unlikely.  I have an osteopathic doctor who does manipulations on my back occasionally, and I've never had that happen.  I'd chalk it up to coincidence, personally.  It is possible you *feel* the palpitations more after a chiropractic manipulation.
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Cardiac rhythm is influenced by nerves from the neck and upper back (the autonomic nervous system). When these nerves are disturbed by spinal misalignments or restrictions (subluxations), normal cardiac rhythm may be disturbed causing PVCs. Some chiropractors advertise they can help eliminate your palps.  I guess yours screwed up.
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Interesting point.  I wouldn't say that chiropractor "screwed up" though.  Maybe a reduction in palpitations only happens if the palps were an issue prior to the adjustment, perhaps pointing to the misalignment as a cause?
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I appreciate your insight, as that is very informative.  First time I ever heard that the rhythm was controlled by the things you said.  If by say my palps were caused by a misalignment.  Is there a way that I can find this out?  I know not definitively, but with these subluxations, or upper back things.  Would they show up on an x-ray or MRI that I could ask the doc to check out?
Spinal survey via mri if you suspect neuro involvement.
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I'm certainly not an expert on chropractic medicine. In fact I've never been to a chiropractor myself(I only trust board certified MDs and physical therapists). But I am aware that the involuntary functioning of most of the body's organs are controlled by the autonomic nervous system (the sympathetic and vagal nervous systems).  So many times a problem in one organ (acid reflux for example) will cause a dysautonomia leading to PVCs.  Also, I recall reading of back misallignments causing palps. But there are so many causes of palps that it's hard to say that yours is simply due to a spinal misalignment that can be observed on x-rays. It is probably a waste of time to go through such tests. On the other hand, it is suspicieous that yours first appeared after a chiropractor visit.  It may be that portions of the nerves (which lie near the spine) have been aggrevated by the chiropractic work.  Why don't you give it a few weeks and see if it settles down.

Best wishes

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Same thing has happened to me. Chiropractor adjusted my neck by a quick hard pull. Popped down in my middle back. Shortly afterwards I felt horribly sick. Flu like almost. When I coughed, I literally had to grab my head bc of the excruciating pain. That wore off but my chest feels strange. Almost like when ur outside on a very hot day and just overdo it. Feels like it's racing. Hasn't stopped for two days.
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