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Palps just started

Since I started taking Toprol in 2005 after angioplasty I have had some days with palpitations.  About 2 weeks ago they increased significantly. I had full nuc stress test, echo, blood etc in March and everything was golden.  

Yesterday I visited Dr and had EKG and blood both were still great.  I am getting a monitor for 30 days!  I see alot of people get one for 24 hours, whats up with 30 days?

They are changing meds from Toprol to Cardiazem.  Anyone experience change with these meds?  Should I experience rebound effect stopping the Toprol and starting the Cardiazem?

I have been under alot of stress, can stress really cause palps to worsen so quickly?

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yes stress can cause many many palps, i am under them now i have been going on 9 weeks of them morning till night .ive been to my cardio dr twicw in last two weeks knowing i was going to die from the, but am not. they are better now they started me on atenolol 25 a day more if i need but its getting them under control belive me they can drive you nutts.they put me on toprolxl i was on it 3 days went to google read about it and called my dr went off of it, that drug cause lots of problems for some and i didnt want take that chance. others do great on it . you should change over with no problems with your dr watching you . good luck and try not stress it just adds to the palps
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