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Pediatric ECG Analysis

My daughter's(12 years old) ECG has came back as abnormal. She is in brady (always) with ST abnormalities and T wave inversion in inferior leads. We are still waiting on Echo results. Her PRT axis is 18, 97, -39. I am very new to this so any feedback would be great!
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Sorry to hear this as a parent.  Our kids and their health problems can be overwhelming. When is your follow up?  What prompted the evaluation? I am wondering from what you have written if this is not actually a thyroid issue. Sounds nuts but the things with her ECG that you mention are sometimes associated with hypothyroidism. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1123277/   60 to 100 beats a minute is the normal range. With your daughters age, it is 60 to 120. I hope they explain her numbers to you and would appreciate any update.
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Sorry for the delay! It has been eventful. She wore a few monitors and has had some genetic testing. Turns out she has a gene mutation for cardiomyopathy and was hving svt episodes up to 268 beats her minute.  She has had a cardiac ablation now but back in a monitor currently because still hving a few racing heart rate moments. Not sure if another ablation is coming or if we are facing something else. They did test all other levels and everything looked good.
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