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Im a 47 y/o female with a history of the following:
lifelong healthly until 20 months ago when I began having:
severe fatigue/chronic anemia/night sweats/swollen/painful underarm node/low B12
Initially I was told I had mono but have never recovered and the symptoms ahve never completely gone away, if I stay on iron my crit is 11.9 consistantly, B12 every 2 weeks, vitamins daily. Ive been tested for everything from tropical diseases, TB, Lymphoma etc...ANA negative as well...now almost 2 years later they tell me I did NOT have mono, that my EBV tests show an old infection!4 months ago I suddenly developed SOB and left upper CP that radiates into my back under the scapula area, worse when I breath in deeply and I constantly feel I cant get adequate or deep breaths, not worse when I exercise, actually feels better to get up and walk around (I think ebcause I am upright), sometimes the pain is sharp and then I become more SOB, and sometimes its a constant nagging pain...sometimes motrin or tylenol help and sometimes not. Saw pulmonologist and had PFTs and sleep study done, negative, saw cardiologist last week but he feels it is not cardiac and im not getting an echo or stress for more than a month! Meantime, Im truly suffering with this pain and SOB and I sometimes feel like no one belives me because the tests keep coming up negative.
At the same time the SOB began I also was itching all over, bad itching...I started taking magnesum after readin online about this and about 3 days after I started taking it, the itching completely went away...but not the pain or SOB....How long does Pericarditis and pleurisy last? My cardiologist said its not pleurisy because "pleurisy hurts very badly with every single breath" and because I have times that are better and I dont have the pain with every breath he says its not that....Im using an inhaler just to get by daily and it does help with the very bad episodes somewhat, but I still have a mod level of SOB constantly..help!
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I am sorry you are having such a difficult time with this. It is sometimes difficult to answer questions like this on an online forum as not all information is available. What I can tell you is that pericarditis often hurts with deep breaths and is better with upright position. To make this diagnosis, it would require either an ecg with characteristic changes, an echocardiogram demonstrating some fluid, or another imaging study demonstrating inflammation in the pericardium. It can be related to viral infections which is sounds as though you may have had (did they check CMV?). Pericarditis does not explain the anemia, though. I am not sure what workup was done for this anemia. With your symptoms, it would certainly be reasonable to have some imaging of your chest (either a chest xray or Chest CT) to ensure there is nothing seen on imaging that eplains your symptoms. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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