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Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

I was diagnosed with PPCM 4 years ago when i was pregnant with my first child and my EF was 20%+_5% then and has remained the same for last 4 years though i feel better comparitively. I saw some studies which says 4.7 years id max survival chances after diagnosis if it doesn't return to Normal functioning, so wanted to know more details. I'm on regular medications which PPCM needs. please suggest.

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I do not know much about PPCM, but I know there is a website you should check out.  I believe it is amothersheart.org.  If you go to the heart rhythm forum, look for any previous post from Anacyde, click on her name (it will be hilighted) and you can send her a message directly.  She has experience with this condition and could give you more information, as well as the correct website if I did not give it correctly.  Best of luck to you!
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How old were the studies?  I don't know about PPCM either, but I do know that overall the survival rates are due to the better meds we have now.  Most of the stats out there are dated.  I guess you are getting concerned since you have 4 years behind you.  I am sorry you have not improved, but it sounds as though you have not gotten worse, either.  What does your doctor say?  
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your chances of a full recovery are over 80%..............I hope you are getting yourself checked, and the doctor is adjusting your meds accordingly.  Best wishes.
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