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Please decode my father's angiogram

Hi ALL, my father (60 Yrs) got angiography two weeks ago, please tell me what should be the treatment.

Left Main Stem : Normal Bifurcating

Left Anterior Descending Atrery: Mild to moderate disease. Fair sized D2 show moderate ostial disease.

Left Circumflex Artery: Mild Ostial Disease

Right Coronary Artery : Dominant vessel with tight mid stenosis

LV Angiogram: Antero apical hypkinesia with moderate LV systolic dysfunction.

Ejection Fraction = 45%

Muzaffar Ali

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Your father has multi-vessel disease, which means that there are blockages in all three main coronary arteries.
Mild to moderate disease can perhaps be controlled with medication.
The tight stenosis of the dominant right coronary artery will probably be the main reason for your fathers complaints and of his lowered ejection fraction (normal range is 55-70%) and needs to be opened or bypassed.
The quickest way to do this would probably be with the placement of a stent.
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@Ger57 Thanks for reply.
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Is your father helped in the mean time and feeling better again?
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