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Poor placement of EkG leads

Female here.  Had an EKG last week. I was wearing a dress and pantyhose.  The tech told me I didn’t have to remove my clothimg or necklace.  Said she would find other places to put leads.  She proceeded to place them on my belly and hips.  She also placed some on more lower neck right below clavicle with one on each wrist.  The EKG read back with a low conduction rate. LVVB My doc called me and asked if I was feeling ok and said she sent ekg report over to cardiologist.  I told her what happened and she said ohhhhh hmmmm.  Well maybe we will repeat ekg or have an echo which was normal last year.  Turns out I wascheduled for an echo instead of repeat ekg.  I know echo is the better of the two tests but I think that tech failed to do the test correctly.
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While both tests are very good, the echo is not going to check the electrical system of the heart. It checks the pumping action as well as the wall thicknesses of the heart primarily. The EKG checks the electrical system primarily but can also show if the wall thickness of the heart is not normal. Each test is specialized. I worked as an EKG supervisor for awhile, I am not sure, based on what you wrote if the electrodes were placed correctly. The one below the clavicle was if it was placed BETWEEN the bones not over the clavicle itself.
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