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Possible heart disease??

Hi I am a 19 year old female, and am worried that I might symptoms of heart disease. A few months ago, I have experienced serious heart palpitations(which seems to have died down recently but comes back every once in a while), and I have been experiencing quite severe upper back and neck pains. Very recently, I have also been experiencing indigestion and diorreahea. I googled these symptoms, and every website that I go to points me to heart disease. I have had blood tests early this year, but the results were fine at that time. Could I possibly have heart disease??? I am worried.
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Sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time. The first mistake you made was to, "Google" your symptoms. While the internet can be a good place to research, it is not a place for you to self diagnose. Given your young age, I would suspect that the symptoms you are experiencing are not likely to be related to heart disease.

Do you have any family history of heart disease? Do you have high cholesterol? High BP? or any other risk factors for heart disease?

It is natural to worry when you are not feeling well, we all tend to think the worst. I would suggest that you make an appointment with your primary care doc and express your concerns.

Good luck and try to relax.
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All those symptoms are indicative of great stress as well. Ever have a near accident in your car? Your heart goes wonky from that but it's not heart disease, just adrenalin kicking in. Back and neck pains can be muscle tension. Digestive problems are common in stress too which is why some folks end up with ulcers.

Heart disease is not unheard of in young people but not as likely. The best bet is to have your doctor do a check up and put your mind at ease.
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hi!! okay i am guessing that your a medical student. I am a pre med student with the same symptoms. i Google everything and think i have heart disease and panic disorder. Have you taken adderall and/ or are you over caffeinated? I think these are things that have started my problems and now i think that i have a serious condition for life. we need to talk!!
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