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Post Aortic Dissection Fatigue Prevention

My 51 year old husband is nearly ten months post aortic dissection surgery and continues to suffer from daily fatigue that doesn't seem to get any better.  He's given up on asking any of his doctors anything as no one seems to have any data on survivors of this mostly fatal condition. Quality of life is suffering and we'd like to enjoy the second chance he's been given, but he's always too tired, cannot work and then depression sets in.  He will not seek therapy and I cannot force him. Anyone else out there a survivor?  Anyone a caretaker of a survivor?

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Hi, I am a wife of a survivor!! We are going through the same thing. My husband is 32 and had an aortic dissection in October 2010. He is tired and can barely do anything without needing to sit down.  Also, he was never a sweater and now he sweats just sitting down! He had no blood flow for 5 days in right kidney, intestines and leg.  he almost lost leg, lost right kidney and some intestines.  He had 2 surgeries for the dissection and one for infection on where they cut into him.  Would love to talk if you would like to!
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My husband (63) just had an aortic dissection 3 weeks ago. I've been looking for information and ran into this site. I see this comment was a while ago, and I'm wondering how your husband is doing? Mine also is so fatigued mostly in his legs. The doctor has no answer yet, this is all so new to us.
I would appreciate any advice or knowledge that you could give me.
Thank you
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