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Post Cardiac Ablation Screening

Do you think it should be mandatory to receive screenings such as echos, holters, stress tests, etc. after a cardiac ablation especially for athletes?  My 14 year old son received cardiac ablation for SVT's Feb 2010 which the doctor states was successful.  However, as a nerveous analytical parent, it seems that screenings should be done after the ablation.  His cardiologist states that it's not necessary based solely on the two week post exam with a 2 second EKG.  It seems that it is acceptable to wait until the patient complaints, passes out or dies during games or practices instead of performing some kind of endurance testing beforehand.  My son plays basketball and is now joining a team that will be doing endurance training for the next couple of months.  Is'nt this something that the medical community should be concerned about?  You know, kids are dropping dead on courts and fields too frequently.  Please provide comments on this.  Just want to make sure that I fully safegaurd my son.
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Post-ablation evaluation all depends on the type of procedure performed and the patients risk profile.  Some ablations in otherwise healthy individuals are relatively straight-forward and do not require post-procedure echo, holter, etc.  If you feel uncomfortable with your son's care, I suggest discussing this with your physician and perhaps getting a 2nd opinion.  

The issue of routine screening of athletes has challenged the medical community for decades and will likely do so in the future, especially in the age of limited resources (eg - health system cannot pay for an echo on everybody).      
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that's a great idea; I know there's alot of places that are doing base screenings now in schools for sports activities.  

There was an article on yahoo about a young football player who had a heart attack after making a touchdown and his family got the screenings started in his area - maybe ask your school or find your local AHA chapter to see what can be done?
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I dont think it should be mandatory.  This only ties a doctors hands when other treatment may be more appropriate.  However, it might have been appropriate to conduct screening on your son. I know my doctors ordered an echo, real time monitor, and stress test after mine.  They really had nor problem doing any of this either. For the stuff that was extra, all I had to do is ask.  Some stuff they just did without me having to ask.
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