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Post Surgery Care?

After CABGx3 I was discharged from the Hospital after 36 hours with NO instructions to me or my wife for post-op care at home. I had a very difficult recovery lasting over one year. I would like to hear from others who have had CABG about the length of their hospital stay and post discharge care.
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I stayed in the hospital 5 days after surgery.

Went home pretty much by myself.

Had a very difficult recovery.

Was pretty well back to normal in about a year.

That 36 hours don't sound like enough to me.

They are very stingy with information when you get released.  I got a sheet that basically said "if you have trouble breathing, or unusual chest pain, call your doctor".

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My dad had CABGx4 on a Thursday and as I recall he went home on Sunday or Monday morning.  It was definitely too soon!  Overall, his recovery was relatively uneventful, but it was as if we were all flying by the seat of our pants.  The post-surgical instructions were very vague.  Also, because of the medications, anesthesia and time on the vent, the patient often has some short term memory loss (that's tough when you're trying to remember what you've been told).  We have all said many times that while the pre-surgical care and hospital tour were informative and helpbul, the post-op care was sorely lacking.  Given the nature and extent of this surgery, I am amazed at the lack of information provided to the patient upon discharge.  Seems absurd.
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I had cabgx5 and was in ICU for 5 days and on the heart floor overnite before I went home.  The hospital dietician came in and talked to my wife and me about diet,  several doctors gave instructions about breathing exercises, walking expectations, wound care, signed me up for cardio therapy and the nurses were great too.  They spent extra time with my wife about things that should and needed to be done and were just there for moral support.  All in all, everyone was great.  I would have to say that full recovery still took 9 months to a year.  I was able to go back to work quickly but that was against the wishes of the doctors and I did start driving right away too.  Again, against their wishes.
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Wow !  Those doctors should consider teaching a class to show other docs how it ought to be done.  Almost every cabg patient I have spoken to was sent home basically with instructions to "take care of yourself", and no real information as to what to expect, and for how long, etc..  It's almost as if they think we have this surgery every day, just as they perform it every day.
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I think their problem is none of them has ever had heart disease or surgery so don't really know what people go through who have.  Sorry to hear of your poor stay.  I think I was real lucky to have great doctors and nurses when I needed them the most.  Like you, most of the people I have met who have been through all this have had the same experience you had.

Hope your prognosis is good and things go well for you.
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