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Post by pass surgery sternum healing

I had bypass surgery eight months ago.  I have difficulty lying on my side and must sleep on my back.  The problem is that when I try to turn onto my side it feels like the sternum is grinding or moving.  My question is this:  Does the sternum mend (like other bones) or is it just held together by wires?  
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wires are typically used, but they can have problems, another device is the Sternal Talon which holds the sternum closed
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I had a double heartbypass 22 years ago. Your sternum takes a lot of strain when you are operated on, it is the last thing to knit together, don't worry too much you will be ok.
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I had triple by pass in April of 09 in July 09 I was still having pain similar to before the  surgery, My doctor had to put in stints as the keloids were growing over the original graft/by pass. I was pain free until December 09 or 5 months. Yesterday I was told I need to go back in for further or different stints on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. Seems like I go back and forth a lot, has anyone else gone through this? Thanks
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