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Posted By Deborah on July 23, 1999 at 09:43:30
Almost two-years ago I had a catheterization and my heart has not been the same since.  I have been suffering from PAC's which have been documented by a 30 day monitor ever since I had the procedure.  I am very young and the catheterization was probably performed unneccessarily.  In addition, my arteries are very small, as I am a very small, petite peron.  I have always thought that the catheterization procedure did some kind of damage to my heart (specifically either the electrical system of my heart, or the wall of the small artery the catheter is inserted into just before shooting the dye) because the PAC's have been relentless ever since and I NEVER had this before the procedure.  When the doctor was removing the catheter, I felt it coming out and I felt PAIN which I am not supposed to feel.  Then, the symptoms (PAC's) started weeks after the procedure. For almost TWO YEARS I have been from cardiologist to cardiologist trying to get an explaination for this.  I have come to THIS FORUM and asked this question in several different ways, to just be told over and over again the procedure couldn't have possibly caused any damage.  Then, recently I switched general practitioners and I talked to her about it.  She told me that's probably EXACTLY what happened to me (damage to the electrical system), but cardiologists won't admit it.  She said it makes sense logically and went on to explain it to me.  I started to cry because my symptoms and feelings were FINALLY validated. All of the doctors I've talked to, including doctors on this forum have put the blame on ME saying I'm suffering from anxiety, instead of blaming the real culprit - the doctor who unneccessarily performed the catheterization procedure on me in the first place! I'm considering filing a complaint against the doctor who performed that cath. on me now. WHY can't you all just tell us the truth, instead of trying to make the patients feel like it's their fault?????  I've been suffering from these PAC's from that bloody catheterization procedure for almost TWO years now!  And all my doctors blamed me the victim, including the doctors HERE on this site.  This has caused me A LOT of emotional suffering.  Maybe you should start giving the patients a little more credit for knowing their bodies and stop using "anxiety" as an answer for everything.

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