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Pregnancy and cardiomyopathy

Back in the end of August I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.  My EF was 45%.  The EKG indicated a left side bundle branch block and a small amount of fluid was found around my heart was found during the ekko.  I was 27wks pregnant at that time.  Since then I have been on metoprolol and am now 35wks.  I have continued to have episodes of tachycardia(sometime hr>200) and SOB. I was wondering if there were any risk factors during labor and delivery and if one should have a c-section to reduce strain on the heart. Also,  my babies tend to be large. My 1st was 10.4lbs and 2nd was 8.4lbs 2wks early.  My last u/s at 32wks showed the baby being 5.3lbs.  I am worried that this baby will be bigger than the last 2.  With the heart issue should I be induce early to prevent any strain on my heart?

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I know this was back in 2008, but My daughter at the age of 23 is now 7 months pregnant and we just found out yesterday that her FF has dropped from 45 to 35 and as a mom I am so scared. They haven't started her on any medication yet and it sounds like they aren't going to. Could you tell me a little bit about your experience and how worried should I be?
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