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Prinzmetal Angina

I am a female,47yrs.old.  I had a mild heart attack at 40. upon catherization all that was shown was a wall motion abnormality but mild,and left ventriculogram shows normal function with mild hypokensis of the diaphragmatic wall. left ventricular motion abnormality,inferior/posterior hypokensis,mild,w/ normal ejection fraction.mitral insufficiency,mild.Since then I have been admitted several times into I.C.U. for a couple days because of mild levels of troponin in my blood tests. I was diagnosed with Prinzmetal Angina.   I am currently on metoprolol 50mg twice daily and an aspirin. The meds. cause palpitations.  My heart beats rythmic,but very hard sometimes. I have just been under my physicians care since my heart attack and have not seen a heart specialist.I also have a problem with adema around my eyes and from my knees to my ankles. I feel like I retain fluids everywhere but can actually push in the skin on my legs and it stays. I have been told troponin in blood only shows if there has been heart damage,yet when I ask my Dr. about it he says not to worry.  I do not want to be taking meds. if I do not need them.Yet I have had on several occasions low levels of troponin in my blood.  Is this doing damage to my heart?  Should I see a specialist?  The meds. have controlled the hard heartbeat,but cause the palpitations.  At a loss and really concerned.
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You  defentianly  need to se  a  carolgist,  my wife went through thes smae things with Doctors saying dont wory,and she  had a bad mitro valve. Then had problems later  and finaly her Cardologist that found the  Mitro valve problem sent her to another caroligst that deal pripmarley i  rhtme problems and he found her problem which in her case was to much  medication that wa scausing her to pass out and have low blood pressure. One hint weigh  your self every moring with same clothes on if yuo have gained more than two lbs inone day yuo most likey have fluid.I would again for sure Seea cardologist and i  my self would get another family DR.
hope yuo do  fine.

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