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Prior SVT, - - Constant Headache, Tingling extremitites. Normal? Not Normal?

I am 30yr female.  I had rheumatic fever when I was a child.  Through out my childhood I had SVT, but didn't know what it was. When I was 18 I was dx'd with SVT.  I have been fine for the past 12yrs, now everything seems to be going all crazy.  I spoke to my doctor about it and he chalked it up to reoccuring SVT.  Never mind, that my present symptoms are diffrent than before.

1)Sharp chest pain in upper lobe, medial, approx 5th or 6th intercosatal space.
2)Dizziness, Syncope.  Things get black and "stary".
3)Wake up with amnesia/confussed.  (i.e. I don't recall why I was in the kitchen in the first place)
4)Heart feels as it is at least 200 beats per min.
5)Constant headaches.  Daily, controlled with Excedrin Migrane, but never seems to really go away. (glass's are good, stay away from foods that are known causes,...just want stop - constant dull ache, some days so bad I cry.
6)Always tired
8)Tingling and numbness in extremeties, hands more so than legs/feet.

Are all these symptoms of SVT.  Or something else going on.  I havn't found any information that points toward SVT.  Anyone else going through this?  Should I try and go see someone else?

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Sounds like you work in the medical field ;)

Anyhow, I'm having a similar thing with SVT.  I was diagnosed at 16.  I had pretty much no issues with it until last March, when I had a major recurrence.  I always have PACs, but those PACs started triggering my SVT.  Mine appears to be related to hormonal shifts.  Keeping a log of your symptoms may help you to identify triggers.

1)Sharp chest pain in upper lobe, medial, approx 5th or 6th intercosatal space.

This can be anything, including but certainly *not* limited to the heart.

All of that said, it almost sounds more like it's your head (no, not saying like crazy, I mean it sounds neurological).  There are some conditions which can affect both head and heart in the ways you describe.  I would follow up with a cardiologist (in light of the rheumatic fever and SVT) and perhaps a neurologist if there remain unanswered questions.

Simply, I have SVT and I do not have the symptoms you describe.
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Any chance of valve involvement?  Rheumatic fever may have had an effect on the valves.  Have you had an echo?  Is your doctor aware of the rheumatic fever dx?

Good luck and hope 2007 brings you relief and some answers.

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i have beem experiencing the tingling feeling too but its been happening for 2 days now non-stop and it's all over my body. It's like a tingling/vibrating sensation, i keep checking my pulse but it seems normal? i have svt too but don't think it's the svt.
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it sounds like it could be a number of things.. The tingling and numbness of extremities is typical of hyperventillation, which can also cause the "seeing stars".. But at the same time, the syncope can be caused by a number of things, including drop in blood pressure due to a very fast heart rate.

You say that you take excedrin migraine for headaches daily? this could be contributing greatly to your elevated heart rate, as this medication contains alot of caffeine. If your heart rate is indeed 200+, you need to get a holter or event monitor to document exactly what the rhythm is.. Good luck!!!
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