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A 91-yr-old female patient with end-stage CHF has a BNP level of 1070.  What does this mean to you?
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B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) (neurohormone) secreted mainly in cardiac ventricles due to volume expansion and pressure overload.  The higher the level the worse the CHF. BNP levels can go higher, sometimes seen in 4000 range.  Increasing BNP level would mean CHF worsening.  Creatinine levels are important for checking for kidney dysfuntion.  My mom had a BNP level of over 1000 for a few years and I believe hers went up to over 3000 range.  She had CHF for 12 years and passed away last September at the age of 70.  
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My daughter had a BNP that was over 7000, so that level can go very high. For us it was really bad because she has a transplanted heart. Normal BNP levels are 100 or less.
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Thanks for giving me insight about bnp levels.  This helps me to understand how it can vary, depending on condition.  I just read that the normal bnp level is 300.  However, as I continue my caregiving for my mom, I continue to learn.  My mother is in end-stage heart failure according to the doctor, and it increases every time we go for Mother's 3-month check-up.

Today, it's the blood pressure that I'm concerned about.  CHF/Alzheimer's is horrific for my mother and me. If I ever get through this, which I will, after my own respite I will be helping someone who is caregiver for a patient with the above diagnosis.  Knowing that I'm not the only one who cares for this condition in my Mother creates within me a desire to help.

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