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Pulmonic Regugitation

I am a 45 year old male and recently I had ECG Done from my Primary Care Physician and here are the results.RV Internal Dimension 1.7 cm
LV end diiastolic dimension 4.8 cm
LV end systolic dimension 3.2 cm
Estimated Ejection Fraction 62-70%
Fractional Shortening 33%
LV Septal thickness 1.1 cm
LV Posterior wall thickness  1.0 cm
Left Atrial internal dimension 3.7 cm
Aortic Root Diameter 3.4 cm
Aortic Valve excursion 1.8 cm

The Doc made following comments:
1. Doppler across mitral valve reveals mild mitral regugitation.
2. Doppler across the aortic valve is normal.
3. Doppler across the tricuspid valve reveals tricuspid regurgitation.
4. Doppler across the pulmonic valve reveals trivial pulmonic regurgitation.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I am taking Diovan 80mg every day.

Do I need to be worried with the above comments from my Doctor or is it time to see a Cardilogist?

Any help to explain in simple terms is very much appreciated.


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All dimensions and measurements are within the expected range.

Doctor comments regarding doppler test (test that color codes blood flow through the heart).  Mild regurgitation is some blood back flows from the left ventrical into the upper chamber...considered medically insignificant.  All valves are normal but (3) lacks a description!  When valves may present a problem it happens when regurgitation is moderate to severe and may or may not call for replacement or repair of the valve.    
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